Titan FTP Server
Version History
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Version: 2019 (Build 3675) - Latest Changes Release Date: January 19, 2022
  • Fixed: Memory overrun issue which could cause the srxServer.exe process to crash during an SFTP download if the client issued a READ request with a length longer than the SSH negotiated packet buffer size. [SVR-I461]
Version: 2019 (Build 3670) - Latest Changes Release Date: October 12, 2021
  • Fixed: The User Name condition was not displaying the list of users. [SVR-I457]
  • Fixed: IP Access rules could be deleted following a new user addition under certain configurations. [SVR-I444]
  • Fixed: web.config had debug=true set. [SVR-I447]
  • Fixed: When resetting a user password in the WebUI failed, no error message was displayed. [SVR-I453]
  • Fixed: The documentation for srxCFG SET*ATTR and GET*ATTR was incorrect. [SVR-I456]
  • Fixed: Windows Sockets could report a TIME_WAIT or CLOSE_WAIT after an FTP session if the QUIT command was not received from the client. [SVR-I427]
Version: 2019 (Build 3660) - Latest Changes Release Date: July 9, 2021
  • Updated: Changed the default Passive Mode FTP Port Range to 28,000-30,000 to limit the number of open ports.
  • Fixed: 'Secure' attribute missing from ASP.NET Session Id. [SVR-I435]
  • Fixed: Open redirect vulnerability issue in the WebUI. [SVR-I432]
  • Fixed: Block Anti-Timeout scheme was not working when NOOP was issued. [SVR-I437]
  • Fixed: WebUI Security vulnerability with rename files. [SVR-I433], [SVR-I434]
Version: 2019 (Build 3650) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 5, 2021
  • Added: The WebUI now supports the HSTS Strict-Transport-Security response header. [SVR-1407]
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions, FTP connections would cause numerous CLOSE_WAIT sockets to be left in memory. [SVR-I416]
  • Fixed: If Max File Size Upload was enabled, files which exceeded the maximum were not being removed from the server. [SVR-1406]
Version: 2019 (Build 3626) - Latest Changes Release Date: December 11, 2020
  • Fixed: Updated the documentation to better reflect the feature sets of Titan FTP Server vs Cornerstone MFT Server
  • Fixed: SFTP 'quota' command was returning invalid free bytes if Quotas were disabled on the server.
  • Fixed: Various javascript warnings and errors in the Titan/Cornerstone WebUI.
Version: 2019 (Build 3615) - Latest Changes Release Date: November 15, 2020
  • Added: The Check For Update feature now supports downloading updates over a secure https link.
  • Fixed: When using the srxCFG utility and GETATTR for Server, Groups or Users, sometimes the attribute data would not be returned if the attribute was specified in all UPPERCASE instead of Mixed Case. [SVR-I404]
  • Fixed: The Sql Server Native Client driver was missing from the Cornerstone installer
Version: 2019 (Build 3611) - Latest Changes Release Date: September 25, 2020
  • Fixed: SFTP connection issue preventing CUCM backups from completing. [SVR-I401]
  • Fixed: SFTP directory listings were incomplete. [SVR-I402]
Version: 2019 (Build 3608) - Latest Changes Release Date: September 16, 2020
  • Added: The SFTP Engine now supports RSA-SHA2-256 and RSA-SHA2-512 Host Key signatures. This provides better interoperability with Cisco CUCM Backup 12.5 and later in FIPS mode.[SVR-I398]
  • Fixed: srxCFG utility would timeout in 30 seconds which was too short for various operations. srxCFG utility now has a /TIMEOUT='seconds' option to specify a custom timeout value. [SVR-I399]
  • Fixed: Events Management: 'Before File Upload/Write' was not being honored if the condition was 'Do Not Process Command. [SVR-1397].
  • Fixed: SFTP upload problem where random data could be written to the uploaded file at various locations. This fix is critical and recommended for all customers running SFTP. [SVR-1396].
Version: 2019 (Build 3595) - Latest Changes Release Date: July 1, 2020
  • Fixed: Issue with Group Level permissions and Virtual Folders which prevented access to some folders.
Version: 2019 (Build 3584) - Latest Changes Release Date: June 11, 2020
  • Fixed: Minor issue in the Push/Pull Site Profile Wizard which failed to save the settings unless the Finish button was clicked with a mouse.
  • Updated: More improvements to the login process to accellerate login times for systems with large numbers of groups and permissions.
Version: 2019 (Build 3580) - Latest Changes Release Date: May 14, 2020
  • Fixed: Minor updates to improve login performance on systems with a large number of users and virtual folders.
  • Fixed: Minor cosmetic update to the Certificate Import utility to allow for importing PKCS12 file types
Version: 2019 (Build 3575) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 27, 2020
  • Fixed: Multi-Tenancy Server was not starting properly for Cornerstone. [SVR-523]
Version: 2019 (Build 3570) - Latest Changes Release Date: February 13, 2020
  • Fixed: Files uploaded over SFTP could sometimes remain open briefly after upload. This could cause post-upload events, like MOVE FILE, to fail with an error 'file is currently locked'. [SVR-522]
  • Fixed: WebUI activation issue which failed to enable the WebUI with a valid regcode. [SVR-521]
Version: 2019 (Build 3561) - Latest Changes Release Date: February 10, 2020
  • Added: Support for PGP 'Exclude File Extensions' is now available under the WebUI, WebDAV and SFTP connections. [SVR-518]
  • Fixed: PGP decryption could fail on systems which were upgraded from 2018 and the Add File Size advanced PGP feature was not enabled. [SVR-515]
  • Fixed: 'Require FTP/S' issue which would kick the user even if 'Require FTP/S' was not enabled for the Server. [SVR-513]
  • Fixed: Stats issue which could fail to log the result of a file Delete when performed through the WebUI. [SVR-516]
  • Fixed: Issue with inherited user home directories not being set properly under NT authentication if the user did not have a default Primary Group. [SVR-517]
  • Fixed: Migrate was disabled for registry based configurations brought over from Titan upgrades. [SVR-520]
  • ISSUE: Using the BOX connector in a Push/Pull event does not currently work. SRT Support has a workaround using WebDrive acting as a Service. Please contact SRT support if you need assistance with this workaround. [SVR-519]
  • Updated: WebDrive engine to latest 2019 build.
  • Updated: Dropped support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and earlier due to Microsoft EOL.
Version: 2019 (Build 3557) - Latest Changes Release Date: December 14, 2019
  • Fixed: Event Manager issue which could fail to trigger events if the system is under heavy load [SRX-514]
  • Fixed: EULA for the JA build was corrupt.
Version: 2019 (Build 3555) - Latest Changes Release Date: November 11, 2019
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which could leave a file handle open during an upload if the disk quota was exceeded.
  • Fixed: 'Require FTP/S' issue which would kick the user even if 'Require FTP/S' was not enabled for the user. [SVR-513]
  • Fixed: 'Require FTP/S' issue which did not kick the user until after receipt of the Password. If Require FTP/S is enabled, it is now checked when the USER command is issued. [SVR-512]
  • Fixed: The srxTitan service could consume high CPU usage after upgrading from an older release. [SVR-511]
  • Fixed: Issue in the SFTP engine which would cause excessive memory usage due to failed or banned connection attempts. [SVR-473]
  • Fixed: when upgrading from 2018 to 2019 the Local Admin console may not login after the first reboot and a second reboot would be required. [SVR-476]
  • Fixed: Database issue which could cause queries to fail with "connection busy with results from other query". [SVR-489]
  • Fixed: Database issue which could cause an excessive number of sql connections to be quickly opened and closed.
  • Changed: The Email Server feature will now auto-accept remote TLS certificates from non-trusted sources. [SVR-510]
Version: 2019 (Build 3540) - Latest Changes Release Date: October 1, 2019
  • Fixed: Issue in the Disk Quota system which could temporarily report disk quota exceeded until server restart. [SVR-509]
  • Changed: The Email Server feature will now auto-accept remote TLS certificates from non-trusted sources. [SVR-510]
Version: 2019 (Build 3538) - Latest Changes Release Date: September 6, 2019
Version: 2019 (Build 3537) - Latest Changes Release Date: August 6, 2019
  • Fixed: Idle SFTP connections were not being cleaned up when using DMZedge Server[SVR-508]
  • Updated: JA release notes have been updated
Version: 2019 (Build 3535) - Latest Changes Release Date: July 2, 2019
  • Fixed: Updated the QuickLink Logon error message in the WebUI to be more secure
  • Fixed: Potential deadlock issue in SFTP engine during banning of IP address under heavy load
Version: 2019 (Build 3531) - Latest Changes Release Date: May 31, 2019
  • Fixed: Uploads in the WebUI could fail under certain conditions: [SVR-507]
  • Fixed: Move action failed to successfully move files if the Destination was a folder ending in a '.' and the Overwrite flag was false. [SVR-505]
  • Fixed: User Level Disk Quotas failed to recognize when the quota was exceeded during SFTP connections. [SVR-506]
Version: 2019 (Build 3528) - Latest Changes Release Date: May 7, 2019
  • Fixed: File-Directory conditions referencing Virtual Folders were not trigging under all situations. [SVR-500]
  • Fixed: The Local Administration Server would listen on all IP addresses instead of only [SVR-501]
  • Fixed: The WebUI would exhibit random errors during various operations such as Move or Upload. [SVR-502]
  • Fixed: Some SFTP Host Key controls were disabled if NT Impersonation was enabled with Native Authentication. [SVR-503]
  • Fixed: SysLog support could fail if multiple SysLog client applications are installed on the same computer as Titan/Cornerstone. [SVR-504]
Version: 2019 (Build 3515) - Latest Changes Release Date: April 2, 2019
  • Fixed: Timestamps could be set incorrectly when uploading files over FTP. [SVR-441]
  • Fixed: When downloading Unicode/non-ASCII filenames through the WebUI, the filenames were not being encoded properly. [SVR-493]
  • Fixed: The PASV command information was not being returned in the FEAT response when PASV mode was enabled for FTP. [SVR-494]
  • Fixed: MFMT/MDTM FTP command could fail if the filename contains spaces. [SVR-496]
  • Fixed: DdoS Hammering and Hacking settings were not being checked for SFTP connections. [SVR-498]
  • Fixed: WebUI Security vulnerability [CVE-2019-10009] which could allow an Authenticated User to gain access to other files on the OS if the fully qualified path of that file was already known to the authenticated user. Thank you KevinR for identifying the issue. [SVR-499]
Version: 2019 (Build 3505) - Latest Changes Release Date: February 10, 2019
  • Added: 301 Redirects for HTTP to HTTP/S. When enabled, all non-secure web traffic is redirected to http/s.
  • Added: Import/Export feature for Events. This feature enables events to be exported and imported into new server instances.
  • Added: Support for Multiple UNC authorization accounts on the UNC Accounts tab via the addition of a 'Reauthenticate' option.
  • Added: There is now a 'File Size' condition in the event manager to trigger actions based on the size of a file.
  • Updated: All security toolkits have been updated to the latest releases.
  • Fixed: The Admin Console would display a parsing error when selecting a certificate in the HTTP/S tab if the certificate name contained an '&' character. [SVR-492]
  • Fixed: The Primary GroupID was not sticky in the Admin Console when using ADSI/NT Authentication. [SVR-491]
  • Fixed: Database issue which could cause too many DB connections to be open resulting in a DB error while trying to load user or group params. [SVR-489]
  • Fixed: Logging issue when using W3C formatted logfiles which would cause excessive memory usage and eventual server crash.
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which left the user level SFTP settings disabled in the Admin console.
Version: 2018 (Build 3382) - Latest Changes Release Date: December 24, 2018
  • Fixed: Issue in the Event Manager 'File Size' condition which had the > and < switched. [SVR-474]
  • Fixed: Issue with SFTP which caused the server to crash under heavy load if a Kick Session event occurred on an active connection. [SVR-473]
  • Fixed: Issue with SFTP public host Key authentication failing when running in multi-tenancy mode and using an LDAP server for usernames. [SVR-472]
  • Fixed: Issue related to Virtual Folder permissions in the WebUI if you tried to create a folder under a virtual folder and NT Impersonation was enabled [SVR-465]
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which would throw an exception on an invalid date.
  • Fixed: Issue with the sftp/ftp/webdav Rename command which could cause the serverparams RowVal data to be set to null.
Version: 2018 (Build 3372) - Latest Changes Release Date: November 4, 2018
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which could cause folder creation to fail in a server level virtual folder if NT Impersonation and NTFS ACLs where used. [SVR-465]
  • Fixed: WebUI issue which could cause the dates to be displayed in the incorrect time zone. [SVR-455]
  • Fixed: WebUI issue which failed to return the proper X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection and X-Content-Type-Options headers. This would kick off warnings with vulnerability scanners. [SVR-461]
  • Fixed: Fixed variable parsing bug in File & Directory condition. [SVR-467]
  • Fixed: The Push/Pull event was not able to find SSH HostKeys when configured for SFTP Host Key Authentication. Push Pull events will now look in the Server Host Key Folder. [SVR-466]
  • Updated: The %DATE% event variables have been updated to support DD (%DATE.TODAY.DAY%), MM (%DATE.TODAY.MONTH%), YY (%DATE.TODAY.YEAR%) and YYYY (%DATE.MONTH.THIS.YEAR%). [SVR-462]
Version: 2018 (Build 3362) - Latest Changes Release Date: September 25, 2018
  • Fixed: Bug in the Backup Server Configuration feature which could cause it to hang the Admin console during a backup even when the backup completes successfully.
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability in the WebUI which could allow an attacker to gain access to files on the server computer which were outside the scope of their home directory by using forged HTTP/JSON requests. [TITAN-105]
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin console which prevented the Windows NT/SAM information from loading properly if the server was not running and the Run At Startup flag was false.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin console preventing usernames containing all digits from being created.
  • Fixed: SFTP connections would sometimes leak memory if the username was supplied as a user@domain.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Event Manager which prevented some of the Max File Size conditions to be properly triggering in the WebUI.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Local and Remote Admin Servers which could accidentally lock the SFTP or FTP port and prevent them from being used by other servers.
  • Fixed: Performance issue related to caching Windows NT Groups when using Windows NT/SAM Authentication against a large LAN. There is now a 'Pre-cache Groups' checkbox in the User Authentication setup wizard to toggle this feature.
  • Fixed: Stability issue resulting in a server crash when using SFTP under heavy load and the server configuration information was stored in a remote SQL Server database.
  • Fixed: WebUI issue which could cause the directory listing to be blank depending on the Date format settings in the client browser.
  • Fixed: Various javascript errors preventing files from uploading when IE was being used as the client browser.
  • Preview(*): The WebUI now has a '302' Redirect for HTTP requests to HTTPS. This allows all non-secure HTTP requests to be automatically redirected to HTTPS.
  • Preview(*): The Event Manager has a new File Size condition used to trigger actions based on file size thresholds.
  • Preview(*): %DATE.TODAY.BOY% (first day of this year, Jan 1), and %DATE.TODAY.EOY% (last day of this year, Dec 31) are new variables in the Event Manager. These variables are useful for generating Year To Date reports.
  • Preview(*): %SVR.LOGFILENAME.PREVIOUS% will now contain the name of the previous logfile once a logfile rotation has been performed.
  • Preview(*): The UNC Accounts feature now has the ability to 'force reauthentication'. If an account has already been authenticated to the UNC, the server can now force a Cancel Connection and re-authenticate with new credentials. [TITAN-114]
Version: 2018 (Build 3329) - Latest Changes Release Date: August 18, 2018
  • Fixed: tmp files used during Zip Downloads in the WebUI were not being cleaned up under all scenarios. [JIRA: TITAN-95]
  • Fixed: Memory leak when using SFTP in a multi-tenancy environment when an SFTP connection failed to log in to the server.
  • Fixed: When using Chrome as the browser, downloads would fail if the filename contained a comma. [JIRA: TITAN-97]
Version: 2018 (Build 3290) - Latest Changes Release Date: May 15, 2018
  • Fixed: The WebUI failed to display dates in some european formats. [JIRA: CS-237]
  • Fixed: Blowfish-CTR is now supported as an SSH cipher. [JIRA: TITAN-91]
  • Fixed: When creating a group using the srxCFG utility and a command file, Group attributes are now being properly set once the group is created. [JIRA: SRTSVR-536]
  • Fixed: SFTP Ciphers, MACs, and Key Exchange item order is now preserved properly. [JIRA: CS-227]
  • Fixed: The Admin App now displays properly on high DPI monitors. [JIRA: SRTSVR-82]
  • Fixed: The Server Migration wizard was failing to migrate user accounts from registry based systems to database driven systems. [JIRA: SRTSVR-394]
Version: 2018 (Build 3274) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 7, 2018
  • Fixed: Groups and Users were not displaying in the Web Admin. [JIRA: CS-225]
Version: 2018 (Build 3271) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 2, 2018
  • Added: Full multi-tenancy support. Multiple servers under a single IP address such as node1.domain.com, node2.domain.com
  • Added: Enhanced Clustering support enables multiple cluster nodes to dynamically notify other nodes of updates
  • Added: Web based admin provides the ability to manage groups and users [JIRA: CWUI-41]
  • Added: "Run Now" option to Events Management. [JIRA: CS-162]
  • Added: The Directories tab in the Admin app now has an entry to set the Backups Directory. [JIRA: SRTSVR-11]
  • Added: Stronger SSH Key Exchange algorithms including 256, 384 and 512-Bit including DH Groups 15, 16, 17 and 18.
  • Added: Stronger 256-bit AES now available for SSH Host Key encryption. [JIRA: WDWIN-89, WDWIN-36, TITAN-75]
  • Updated: WebUI performance enhancements (better caching logic during login). Overall performance will be much better.
  • Updated: Admin tab to the User properties screen in the Admin App
  • Updated: Added protection against Spectre variant 1 (speculative execution side-channel attacks)
  • Fixed: European dates not rendering correctly in WebUI [JIRA: CWUI-219]
  • Fixed: Bug causing the setting of a Multi-Tenancy HTTP master to Any IP address to fail [JIRA: CS-140]
  • Fixed: The MOVE action was not working properly if a source file contained a wild card.[JIRS: SRTSVR-12]
  • Fixed: Bugs in FTP SSL session reuse.
  • Fixed: Event Manager enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Fixed: Slave nodes not reloading Events after scheduled execution [JIRA SRTSVR-15]
Version: 2017 (Build 3116) - Latest Changes Release Date: October, 2017
  • Added: Logfile warning message in the SSH server when loading the Host Key if it does not have a private key password
  • Fixed: When using the Start Server feature in the Admin console, an error message "Error starting the server." would be displayed even if the server was successfully started. [JIRA: CS-104].
  • Fixed: The New User Wizard was permitting usernames containing all digits. Usernames must contain at least one non-numeric character. [JIRA: CS-108]
  • Fixed: Bug in the 'Advanced' tab of the new server wizard which was not properly setting the Backups dir
  • Fixed: Bug in the Event Manager which failed to update the Event Condition for the 'last time executed' for elapsed scheduled time conditions.
  • Fixed: Issue in the 'Elapsed Time Condition' which failed to record the LastExecuteTime when the condition was Satisfied.
  • Fixed: The list of IP addresses on the IP Access tab in the Admin app can now be sorted.
  • Fixed: The srxCFG utility now returns a proper status message, Success, when the command succeeds. [JIRA: CS-109]
Version: 2017 (Build 3095) - Latest Changes Release Date: July 18, 2017
  • Fixed: Issue with MLSD function returning 550. [JIRA: CS-89].
  • Fixed: Issue in WebUI which failed to recognize when a file was flagged as ObjectIsDeleted and allowed the file to be uploaded. [JIRA: CS-87]
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which failed to allow the Copyright URL to be customized to align with the Copyright Notice. [JIRA: TITAN-61]
  • Fixed: SFTP upload issue which failed to process entire buffer if the data buffer sent over from the client during a WRITE message was larger than 65535 bytes in length. [JIRA: TITAN-59]
  • Fixed: Event Manager issue which failed to fire event actions for trigger files of 0 bytes in length during an SFTP connection. [JIRA: TITAN-60]
  • Fixed: FTP connections which timed out could result in the user IP address being banned under certain timing conditions. [JIRA: TITAN-50]
  • Fixed: High memory utilization issue with the server has been resolved as cached information is flushed sooner and more effeciently. [JIRA: TITAN-39]
  • Fixed: When run multiple times, the Push/Pull action could cause files pulled from a remote server to end up in the parent folder of the destination folder defined in the action. [JIRA: CS-100]
  • Fixed: There were some Debug level messages in the logfile being flagged as Error messages by mistake. [JIRA: TITAN-25]
  • Fixed: Chrome specific download issue which would fail to download files if they contained an apostrophe or comma in the filename. [JIRA: CS-84]
Version: 2017 (Build 3072) - Latest Changes Release Date: April 12, 2017
  • Fixed: The Run Report action now correctly includes the list of variables needed to run the report.
  • Fixed: The Web UI now properly launches the previewer to display files in the browser. [JIRA: CS-85].
  • Fixed: Admin issue which failed to create Virtual Folders at the User level. [JIRA: TITAN-56].
  • Fixed: Admin issue which failed to authenticate against the ADSI Server during new server setup. [JIRA: CS-68].
Version: 2016 (Build 2915) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 1, 2017
  • Fixed: HTTP/S issue in the Web Interface which failed to honor the Keep-Alive request header.
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which could set the file attributes to read-only during an upload. [JIRA-TITAN-53/Ticket #8352]
Version: 2017 (Build 3067) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 21, 2017
  • Added: The SFTP Extension 'space-available' is now supported. When used in conjunction with disk quotas, 'space-available' will return disk quota and storage information.
  • Added: User level Branding in the Web UI. Users can now personalize their experience when using the Web UI.
  • Added: The Web UI Branding feature now supports custom header text colors.
  • Added: Advanced ACL/ACE editing functionality in the Directory Access section of the Admin utility.
  • Added: Logging can now be redirected to an external SysLog server.
  • Added: The Local Admin and Remote Admin services have Advanced Settings for configuring logging information.
  • Fixed: SFTP issue in the CHMOD command which could set a file's permissions to read-only by mistake.
  • Fixed: Remote Admin issue where the 'Don't Save Password' option was not sticky. [JIRA: TITAN-52]
  • Fixed: Admin issue in the Domain Activity window which failed to show a stopped server as 'stopped'.
  • Fixed: Internal issue with the size of the Icons which made the installer larger than necessary.
Version: 2016 (Build 2905) - Latest Changes Release Date: January 06, 2017
  • Fixed: IP Address Banning issue which could result in invalid IP addresses being recorded in the database and possible service crash as a result. [JIRA-CS-77/Ticket #5927]
  • Fixed: Remote Admin would fail and cause the Titan/Cornerstone Service to crash. [JIRA-TITAN-49]
  • Fixed: Reset the internal I/O buffer to 16MB during file transfers for better performance. Initial buffer was 8K and could possibly shrink if many small downloads were encountered during the session.
Version: 2016 (Build 2900) - Latest Changes Release Date: November 29, 2016
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin app which could reset the FTP port to 0.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Web UI which was failing to properly set the HttpOnly and Secure cookie attributes.
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which failed to honor the Keep-Alive flag.
  • Fixed: Issue in the SFTP engine which failed to trigger a Failed Write or Failed Read if the connection aborted during a file transfer.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the connection manager which could cause a memory leak under heavy load, especially if connections remained idle or were prematurely terminated.
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which failed to capture the client IP address if a proxy or load balancer was sitting in front of the WebUI.
  • Fixed: Issue in the ASP interface which could cause the AppDomain to unload during heavy use.
  • Fixed: Various database logging issues which causes excessive warning messages to be written to the logfile.
  • Fixed: Threading issue in the FTP engine which could cause transfers to fail if an OOB (out of bound) request was received after the file transfer completed and just prior to the 226 status code being sent back to the client.
  • Fixed: Issue in the directory manager which returned a 500 level error if MLSD was issued with a Virtual Folder name.
  • Fixed: Issue in the caching manager which failed to flush the old filename from cache after a rename. This could result in a MKD failing if the same directory was created again within 30 seconds.
  • Fixed: In the events manager, a Server Disconnect event will now trigger an action based on a Username or Connection Type.
  • Fixed: TLS which could prevent the TLS handshake from completing on SAML/federated systems due to the lack of a servername attribute in the header.
  • Fixed: Username issue preventing usernames starting with a numeric digit from being recognized.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the inheritance code which could result in user-level branding features not being honored in the Web UI.
  • Fixed: Issue in the SFTP engine which could cause a 60 second delay during a small file transfer if the client is FileZilla with FZs proprietary, non-standard SFTP Burst Mode enabled. Requires using SshLoopTimeout value to be set in server configuration.
  • Fixed: Issue which could prevent idle connections from being closed when DMZedge Server was being used in a clustered environment.
  • Fixed: WebDAV issue which could cause a file to be left open if a PUT command was aborted.
  • Fixed: Issue which locked out users if their username started with a numeric digit.
  • Fixed: Issues in the Events Manager "Test Fire" which failed to properly test events.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Password Reset feature of the WebUI which could cause the page to timeout if the email engine failed to send the password reset URL in a timely fashion.
  • Updated: Restored the ability to leverage SSH public key authentication if Windows NT/ADSI/LDAP authentication was being used.
  • Updated: Various components in the ASP engine have been upgrade to flush memory on a more optimal basis for speed.
  • Updated: Updated security engines to latest release.
  • Updated: The default dDoS hammering is now 300x in 5 seconds to limit the number of false positives when the WebUI was used behind a firewall and under heavy end-user usage.
  • Updated: the IP Address and Port fields on the Server -> General tab of the Admin app were used for FTP/FTPS/SFTP. These fields have now been moved to the Server -> Services -> FTP Tab for clarity.
Version: 2016 (Build 2800) - Latest Changes Release Date: August 30, 2016
  • Fixed: Various issues in the DDoS/Hacking Protection features which could fail to reset the internal hack attempt counters after someone was temporarily banned.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the WebUI for Titan which could cause a failure during file or directory deletion with a database error.
  • Fixed: srxCOM issue which would update indivual user params for all users after a user was created.
  • Fixed: Issue where files located in a Virtual Folder would not adopt the permissions of the parent folder unless the 'I' inherit bit was set in the Director Access ACE.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the WebDAV subsystems which failed to process Virtual Folders permissions propertly Virtual Folders would not be accessible through WebDAV under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Clustering services which failed to honor separate HTTP/HTTPS addresses on multiple cluster nodes.
  • Fixed: Issue in the User Account Created event; the userparams were not being fully primed so some of the variables, like email, were not available. This could cause problems with the Action if it needed to access the user's email address for email notification.
  • Fixed: When using SFTP, Virtual Folders were not being hidden if the Hide Inaccessible Directories option was enabled and the Virtual Folder had a Directory Access Rule (ACE) which was empty.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the WebUI permissions subsystems which could cause a user to be denied access to Virtual Folders even if they had access rights to them.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the Admin application which could allow for SFTP Host Key Authentication to be enabled when AD/NT authentication was enabled with the 'Impersonation' feature. Host Key authentication is not possible when the back-end authentication system relies on a user password from the client.
  • Fixed: Strange issue in the Admin application which set the default SFTP port to 1 instead of 22 in the new server wizard.
  • Updated: Changed the WebDAV realm from groupdrive.net to cornerstonecloud.net.
  • Updated: Updated internal subsystems used to interface between us and ASP to ensure AppDomainUnload was propertly handled.
  • Updated: Japanese localization files have been updated
  • Updated: Added various security checks to ensure that the SFTP server does nto return PUBKEY authentication as a possibility if the back end server is configured for Activate Directory or NT-SAM based user password authentication.
Version: 2016 (Build 2694) - Latest Changes Release Date: May 31, 2016
  • Added: SSH/SFTP engine now supports SHA3, 225, 256, 384 and 512 bit hashing.
  • Added: The WebUI now offers User level page branding.
  • Added: There is now a 'Default From: Address' in the Email engine. This default address will be used as the Sender of email in the Email Event Action if no Sender is specified.
  • Added: The Push/Pull action in the Events Manager now supports Recursive actions.
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI/Sharing features of Cornerstone which failed to generate the proper Sharing URL for HTTP/S based connections sitting behind a firewall. JIRA: CS-26
  • Fixed: When previewing documents in the WebUI, the initial rendering was taking a long time because the rendering engine needed to initialize. The engine is now pre-rendered when the server starts for faster viewing.
  • Fixed: The A/V features were trying to call the A/V engine even if A/V features were not enabled. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Push/Pull action which could fail to connect to the remote server.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Push/Pull dialog boxes which failed to show all the Source and Destination options during configuration.
  • Fixed: Potential database issue which could prevent QuickLinks from being retrieved if they had a null ticket id.
  • Fixed: Potential issue which could render a QuickLink as a QL to a file when it really referred to a folder.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Events Management system which prevented multiple Actions from being chained together based on order. This also prevented the ability to have the same action called twice.
  • Fixed: SSH/SFTP engine issue which could prevent a DH Key Exchange key verification when using SHA2 and Group1.
  • Updated: Japanese localization files have been updated
Version: 2016 (Build 2672) - Latest Changes Release Date: March 31, 2016
  • Added: For added security, the service, tray application, and admin application are now signed with both SHA1 and SHA256 hashing signatures.
  • Fixed: Issue which prevented WebDrive and Titan/Cornerstone from executing a successful SSH handshake when using AES/CTR based ciphers and SHA3 based MACs. JIRA: CS-23
  • Fixed: Issue which prevented folders from being zipped and downloaded in the WebUI if Active Directory authentication was being used in conjunction with NTFS ACLs and Impersonation. JIRA: TITAN-5
  • Fixed: Potential issue in the Impersonation subsystems which could revert back to LocalSystem when attempting to access a file. This would manifest as an Access Denied error even if the user had permissions to access the file.
  • Fixed: Issue in the DoS/Flood Protection feature which failed to manually clear out temporarily banned IP addresses unless the service restarted.
  • Fixed: Issue with the installer which failed to sign the .exe files
  • Fixed: HTTP/S connections in the WebUI were being reported as HTTP connections in the Activity window of the Admin application. JIRA: CS-16
  • Fixed: Issue which prevented the Stats Track database in Cornerstone MFT from being initialized if the datbase name was different than the main database. JIRA: CS-19
Version: 2016 - Latest Changes Release Date: March 15, 2016
  • Added: The SFTP engine now supports the following enhanced DH key exchange algorithms (KEX): diffie-hellman-group1-sha256, diffie-hellman-group14-sha256, and diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256.
  • Added: Option on the Remote Administration tab for the domain to disable the ability for someone logged in using remote administration to update the adminstrator credentials.
  • Added: The Events Management system has a new variable %SESSIONID% which can be used to dump out the session identifier for the current connection. Ticket #VS-5
  • Updated: The Protocol tabs have been consolidated under a new node called Services. Configuration tabs for FTP, FTP/S, SFTP and HTTP/HTTPS can be found in this location.
  • Updated: The Events Management system has a new server event -> Disconnection -> Connection Closed. This event was previously exclusive to the Cornerstone MFT product and has now been added to Titan 2016. Ticket #VS-6
  • Updated: The Certificate Signature Algorithm has been updated to SHA-256.
  • Fixed: Server instances created to use different databases do not show up in the admin console. Ticket #CRY-866-53087
  • Fixed: Updated WebUI Cookies wth added security features to correct potential security vulnerability. Ticket #P4-9
  • Fixed: Removed some unnecessary blank spaces in the login page of the WebUI. Ticket #P4-8
Version: 11.35 - Latest Changes Release Date: December 15, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • Fixed: Ticket #CRY-866-53087, #SRE-226-36165: Cornerstone could fail to enumerate all servers if the configuration information was being stored in multiple databases on different servers.
  • Fixed: Ticket #PEG-486-55393: Indexes were not being created properly on DB tables due to an index parsing error.
  • Fixed: Ticket #HIC-597-40681: Some internal database tables used for reporting were not being created as part of the New Server Wizard.
  • Fixed: Ticket #FLU-706-13255: The 'Add PGP Extension' flag was not being honored in the Admin settings.
  • Fixed: Ticket #UQQ-633-65016: If you delete a file in the WebUI, then upload the same file again, the system would ask you if you want to replace the deleted file.
  • Fixed: Ticket #YEF-661947: using the srxCFG utility to create a user with a non-default home directory generated an extra Directory Access record in the database.
  • Fixed: Ticket #LAC-282-55113: When sharing a Folder, the permissions now default to View & Download instaed of Download Only

  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • Fixed: Ticket #PRH-831-75353: Unable to see OU's (as groups) when trying to add a new group in under Active Directory or LDAP Authentication based servers
  • Fixed: WebUI issue which failed to display content properly if the browser was set for a non US-EN local and the date format was dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy
  • Fixed: Ticket #WMM-741-65262, #AXB-939-67648: The Certificate Manager would error out if it encountered a certificate from an old version of Titan/Cornerstone in the certificate store.
  • Fixed: Ticket #LFB-486-84860: When using the Titan WebUI, the logfile would generate phantom database errors.
Version: 11.30 - Latest Changes Release Date: October 28, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • Fixed: Ticket #MKN-181-34465: the sr_ipAccess table primary index was not being created as clustered which could cause query performance issues with larger tables.

  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • Fixed: Ticket #OZF-528-56987: Zip folders/folder download failing via webui if the server data directory or temp data directory contained a blank space in the folder name.
  • Fixed: Ticket #MCM-191-67110: Users were not able to delete files through the WebUI unless the Delete Folder permission was also set on the parent folder.
  • Fixed: Ticket #JYG-108-10143: The Admin utility could sometimes take a while to launch if it could not call out to the Update Server to see if a new release of the product was available.
  • Fixed: Ticket #RKA-287-95001: On Japanese Windows platforms, IE11 was reporting that it was an unsupported browser.
Version: 11.20 - Latest Changes Release Date: July 21, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • Fixed: Installer issue which failed to properly install SQL Express 2008 if it was not already installed.
  • Fixed: Installer issue which failed to properly install the SQL Express Native Client for 2008 if it was not already installed.
  • Fixed: Issue which could cause the new server wizard to fail if the SQL Native Client 2005 was not installed on the system.

  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • Fixed: Ticket #BUR-574-31349 - If Disk Quotas were disabled, the server would return DQTA as a supported option in response to the FEAT and HELP commands.
  • Fixed: Ticket #IAE-121-26244 - The WebUI would fail to display directory information if the date was not in M/D/Y format.
  • Fixed: Ticket #SPB-533-68057/#UJB-331-79674 - Various errors in the WebUI during directory traversal which could fail to display the contents of the desired directory.
  • Fixed: Ticket #FDS-442-48362 - If a folder was marked as ReadOnly, the right-click context menu would allow the Delete option on the file.
  • Fixed: Ticket #EYD-103-37637 - If a user did not have List permissions to their home folder, and error would be displayed in the Web UI.
Version: 11.17 - Latest Changes Release Date: May 12, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • Fixed: Issued which prevented Sharing emails from being sent if the item was not selected/highlighted in the WebUI prior to clicking the Share button.

  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • Fixed: Issue in Titan which failed to load the old legacy IP Access Lists from the registry.
Version: 11.16 - Latest Changes Release Date: April 21, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • Fixed: Issue in WebDAV engine which failed to properly process Virtual Folders if Impersonation was enabled and the VF was UNC based.

  • Fixed: Issue with IP Access Lists, i.e. white-lists and black-lists, filling up and not allowing more than a few hundred IP addresses.
  • Fixed: Ticket #GRE-367-69226: Issued which prevented Sharing emails from being sent if the SMTP server was configured for TLS connections on port 587.
  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which could fail to return any user error information if a delete failed.
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI Preview controller which permitted a user to download a file if they only had Read/View permissions.
  • Fixed: Issue in the srxCFG utility which could print out an invalid warning message if setting User attributes using /BATCH mode.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Test Connection feature of the New Server Wizard which failed to set the proper timeout for connecting to the DB. The timeout is now 15 seconds.
Version: 11.15 - Latest Changes Release Date: March 20, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • New: Added Support for Web Farms in the WebUI when used with multiple clustered Cornerstone MFT Servers.
  • New: There is now an Import utility to import/convert GroupDrive and GroupDrive.Net server configurations into Cornerstone MFT.
  • New: Under the File Sharing feature, there is now a Domain field for the EFS Active Directory sharing account allowing for Sharing on UNC paths

  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • Fixed: Ticket #QPP-314-65466: File/Folder downloads were being permitted even if the user did not have adequate Read permissions to the object.
  • Fixed: Ticket #GVD-506-27032: WinSCP uploads would fail with a permissions error over FTP if the file already existed, Native authentication was being used, and the destination folder was a Virtual Folder
  • Fixed: Ticket #UVP-571-79246: Removed 'debug' flag from web.config.
  • Fixed: Folder deletion in the WebUI could fail if Impersonation was being used
  • Fixed: Bug in WebUI for failed uploads in a sub directory of a Virtual Folder if the main folder was ReadOnly
  • Fixed: Bug in the srxCFG utility which could fail to retrieve user attributes due to a case-sensitivity comparison error
  • Fixed: Bug in TLS 1.2 bit mask support in the Admin utility which prevented the server from supporting only TLS 1.2
  • Fixed: Logic issue with Impersonation. Updated logic because of failover problems where NT Impersonation did not have permissions but Service token did
  • Fixed: Bug with uploads failing on UNCs Virtual Folders with Native Authentication and Native ACLs
  • Fixed: The Service would fail to start on Windows Server 2003
  • Fixed: Various bugs in the WebUI toolbar which failed to hide buttons that user did not have permission to perform
  • Removed: AJAX extensions are no longer required to use the WebUI, they have been removed from the installation process.
Version: 11.1 - Latest Changes Release Date: February 24, 2015

    Cornerstone MFT Specific
  • New: PGP Engine adds support for older PGP packet types using CAST and IDEA ciphers.
  • New: Added advanced PGP options to configure Ciphers, Macs and Compression settings.
  • New: Added the ability for a custom Logon Welcome Message in the WebUI through the Branding interface.
  • Fixed: PGP issue which failed to properly check the password in the PGP dialog in the Admin application.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Titan WebUI which seemed to turn on Enterprise File Sharing features but really it didn't.
  • Fixed: Issue with the EFS Active Directory account which failed to allow ad-hoc recipients to view a shared folder if it resided on a DFS UNC share and the AD account was not of the form user@domain.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the Enterprise File Sharing (EFSS) feature which failed to properly share Virtual Folders which referenced UNCs on a Network Share.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the Branding features of the WebUI which prevented custom branding changes from appearing unless the service was restarted.

  • Cornerstone MFT and Titan
  • New: Added better logging hooks in the SFTP engine to allow for the logging of SSH Ciphers, Macs and Compression algs during a handshake.
  • New: Updated WebUI Help
  • New: Added the total content size to a file being downloaded in the WebUI. This will allow the browser to display % complete during a download.
  • New: Added a /BATCH feature to the srxCFG configuration utility for bulk user attribute export/import. See the Help System/Documentation for more information.
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which failed to check the browser version at startup. Browser versions are now IE 10+, Chrome 32+, Firefox 23+ and Safari v6+
  • Fixed: Issue in the Email Action Send Event which failed to properly format some HTML emails.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Email Action Event dialog box which failed to allow for pasting of large html blocks into the edit text window.
  • Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which could cause downloads to fail. Also increased the download buffer size.
  • Fixed: The Server Migration Wizard failed to launch when the option was selected in the Admin utility.
  • Fixed: Issue with NTFS permissions which could fail to load the permissions for virtual folders.
Version: 11.0 - Latest Changes Release Date: January 13, 2015
  • New: Added a new browser interface based on the latest tools and technologies including HTML5. Features and benefits of the new Web UI include drag-drop uploading, drag-drop moving of files and folders into other folders and deleting of entire directory structures.
  • New: Added support for TLS v1.2, the highest level of security available for FTP/S and HTTP/S connections. TLS 1.2 is the default setting for new servers created in Titan FTP Server v11 moving forward.
  • New: Added ability to choose which versions of SSL/TLS are enabled through the Administration utility.
  • New: Added an option to the Spawn action in the events management subsystem which can opt to exclude writing the data to the logfile. The benefit of this feature is that it will allow the administrator to omit potentially sensitive information from being dumped to the logfile.
  • New: Added the ability in srxCFG to "+" add a user to a group by using "+|groupname|groupname|". The + tells the engine to preserve existing group membership
  • New: After the SSH handshake has completed, the negotiated cipher/mac/compression information is dumped to the server logfile.
  • Updated: All security engines and toolkits in Titan have been hardened and upgraded to the latest releases. This includes SSH, SSL, and TLS.
  • Updated: Updated the way Disk Usage information is returned in a DQTA command. If disk quotas are not enabled on the server, the server now returns the current bytes in use by the user, with a quota of 0. In v10 and earlier the overall server usage was returned.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Titan service which could cause a delay in the service stopping on occasion.
  • Fixed: Issue in ADSI/LDAP authentication which could cause the WebUI to fail on occasion because of a COM error.
  • Fixed: Issue in the COMB command for FTP which could fail to combine a file if the filename contained spaces and the segments were quoted.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folders are now accessible through the Web Interface. Tickets: [ZEN-557-85918], [XLH-207-10375], [TPE-919-82839] .
  • Fixed: Unicode characters are now logged properly in the Events Manager when writing to a custom logfile. [DFR-926-14774]
  • Fixed bug in srxCFG which failed to return the DirAccess and VirtFolders in the GET*ATTR calls
  • Fixed: bug in Certificate and Host Key Management which permitted the insertion of a blank space ' ' in the password field.
  • Fixed: The SSH HostKey Fingerprint was being dumped to the logfile in a format which was not compatible with other fingerprint generation utilities. This made it difficult for the system admin to determine if the client was sending over the correct SSH key.
Version: 10.48 - Latest Changes Release Date: November 4, 2014
  • Updated: Updated the SSL/TLS Security Engine for FTP/S, HTTP/S, and WebDAV/S to default to TLS instead of SSL.
  • Updated: Updated AS/2 Engine to latest version.
  • Fixed: Issue which prevented SSL connections if only SSL V3 was enabled.
  • Fixed: Added the ability to import Trading Partner Public Key Certificates and then assign them to each user/trading partner defined in Cornerstone.
  • Fixed: Permissions problem which could result in some commands like MKD to fail if the command was being executed against a UNC, the folder name did not contain a trailing slash, and the server was configured for UNC Authentication.
Version: 10.47 - Latest Changes Release Date: October 7, 2014
  • Fixed: Issue which could cause the modification date of a folder to become invalid if something was added/deleted under that folder and the Titan/Cornerstone service was not running under full rights to touch the file system modification dates for folders.
  • Fixed: Users can now Download-as-Zip Virtual Folders when using the WebUI.
  • Fixed: Bug in the IPAccess List feature in the Admin Application which could fail to add an IP address to the Permit/Deny list if there was already an IP Address which was similar. Meaning that if was already in the list, would not be added properly. This gave the false impression that the IP Access List would 'max-out' at a certain number of entries.
  • Fixed: But in the Events Manager which would cause double-free of memory and could cause the service to crash under certain situations.
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which could cause a memory leak if the client application timed-out or canceled an upload mid-stream.
  • Fixed: PGP issue which could cause a decrypt failure if streaming PGP was being used and the encrypted file had an odd block size. (Cornerstone MFT)
  • Fixed: srxCFG issue which failed to add a user to the proper groups when the user was initially created. This problem also occurred with users not being added to a group when the group was created.
  • Fixed: srxCFG issue which failed to return the DirAccess and VirtFolders information on a GET*ATTR call.
  • Fixed: SFTP Issue which could cause the client to fail to recognize a virtual folder if it was in the user's home directory and referenced a UNC.
  • Fixed: During SFTP Public Key Authentication, the logfile now records the MD5 fingerprint of the raw/unencoded public key instead of the encoded public key. This helps to cross check the MD5 hash with other programs.
  • Fixed: The SFTP engine now supports stronger PCI compliant ciphers and macs including hmac-sha2-224, hmac-sha2-384, hmac-sha2-256, and hmac-sha2-512.
  • Fixed: The Certificate Manager and Host Key manager would allow a user to accidentally enter a blank space in the password. Spaces are not permitted in passwords when creating or exporting certificates and host keys.
Version: 10.46 - Latest Changes Release Date: July 15, 2014
  • Fixed: The Statistics Tracking engine would occasionally skip recording Upload events under heavy use.
  • Fixed: SFTP memory leak which could cause the server to crash if the client was using large buffers for transferring data.
  • Fixed: The USR_SetAttr method in the COM engine was not properly processing a set user password command.
  • Fixed: Reworked some logic in the subsystems which load directory permissions during login to help expedite logins for users who have many hundreds of permission ACEs.
  • Updated: There is an updated version of the help system.
Version: 10.45 - Latest Changes Release Date: April 29, 2014
  • Fixed: If the SFTP option Lock Files On Upload was enabled, only 1 user could download a file at any given time.
  • Fixed: Issue with FTP/S and other SSL based protocols which could leak LSASS handles/memory if the SSL handshake failed.
  • Fixed: Removed code which was calling the 'ticket manager' which is not used in this product. this could cause unnecessary database access.
Version: 10.43 - Latest Changes Release Date: March 29, 2014
  • Fixed: Issue in SFTP v3 which could generate an empty permission string for some files in the users home directory.
  • Fixed: SSL/PCI Compliance issue which failed to disable SSL v3.0 for Explicit and Implicit FTP/S connections even though it was disabled in Windows Internet Explorer and in the Admin utility on the FTPS/SSL tab.
Version: 10.42 - Latest Changes Release Date: March 10, 2014
  • Updated: Increased the size of internal SFTP buffers from 16K to 64K for high-latency networks.
  • Fixed: In the SSL Certificate Wizard, the email address field is now required.
  • Fixed: When uploading multiple files in the WebUI, the Upload event was only being fired after that final file was uploaded; not after each file. (Ticket: DMQ-424-35066)
  • Fixed: During an MLST command, the server might return 550 Access Denied if NT or ADSI authentication was being used in conjunction with Impersonation and the NT Service Account being used by the Titan/Cornerstone service did not have adequate NTFS permisions to access the underlying directory specified in the MLST command.
  • Fixed: "Invalid Server Path" was being displayed in the WebUI when accessing sub-directories of Virtual Folders. This would also manifest itself as a user not being able to browse sub-directories of Virtual Folders in the WebUI. This bug was introduced in v10.40 as a result of the patches for the security vulnerabilities CVE-2014-1841, CVE-2014-1842, and CVE-2014-1843.
Version: 10.40 - Latest Changes Release Date: February 4, 2014
  • Added: Enhanced support for certificate based authentication over secure WebDAV and FTP/S when using SafeNet eTokens.
  • Fixed: Updated the Java Uploader used in the WebUI to include required security attributes to eliminate warnings on some browsers.
  • Fixed: Security vulnerabilities in the Web Interface which could potentially allow a user to access information from another folder through an HTTP proxy injection, CVE-2014-1841, CVE-2014-1842, and CVE-2014-1843.
Version: 10.33 - Latest Changes Release Date: January 22, 2014
  • Added: Titan SFTP now supports the "vendor-id" extension for SFTP version 6.
  • Added: The Web Interface Rebranding dialog now has an option to customize the name of the server presented to the user in the browser.
  • Fixed: Updated the Java Uploader used in the WebUI to include required security attributes to eliminate warnings on some browsers.
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which returned invalid INIT response when using SFTP v6.
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which failed to return the proper response to WS_FTP for a special extended query command.
  • Fixed: WebUI Problem which caused multiple event actions to be fired during a large upload.
  • Fixed: Logfiles were being written in Unicode format even when the Unicode option was not selected. This was true in both the main Log File Manager and also in the Events Manager action for Log To File.
  • Fixed: Removed invalid/weak SFTP ciphers from the Server Params configuration left over from older installations. These are not supported by the SFTP engine and were resulting in clients being refused access to the server.
  • Fixed: Problem with WebUI which failed to generate a directory listing which was introduced in v10.30 as a result of the bug fix for the MLST command.
  • Fixed: During FTP/S connections, the MLST command was not returning any information.
  • Fixed: The MLST command was returning a full directory listing if the supplied folder name had a trailing slash, such as MLST myDocuments/ or MLST /
  • Fixed: Internal path processing error which could cause an invalid Access Denied error message if the input path data contained one or more '..' folders and was suffixed with a '.' folder, such as MLST /folder1/../.
  • Fixed: The MLST command will now properly return the same path/file information specified by the client as the path/file specification in the first 250-path_file response line.
Version: 10.21, Build 1799 - Latest Changes Release Date: December 14, 2013
  • Added: In the Branding section of the Web UI settings, you can now customize the Server Name displayed on the Login screen.
  • Fixed: The SFTP Engine was not honoring the chosen list of MAC and Cipher algorithms.
Version: 10.20, Build 1790 - Latest Changes Release Date: November 25, 2013
  • Added: There are new buttons on the DoS/Flood Protection tab in the Admin utility which allow the Admin to flush the temporary IP address banning that may have accumulated. This bypasses the need to restart the server to clear out the temporary IP bans.
  • Added: The WebDAV engine now supports PROPPATCH for setting the creationtime, getlastmodified, and lastaccesstime.
  • Added: The command line PSFTP.EXE utility is now included and will be installed to the main program directory. This utility is helpful for diagnosing and testing SFTP functionality in the product.
  • Fixed: Problem in the Admin App which prevented a custom, non-inherited, home directory to be set for an individual user if NT/SAM, or any other non-native, authentication engine was used and the default home directory was being pulled from the authentication database.
  • Fixed: The RegCode/Activation system would fail to recognize a registration code if it had leading or trailing spaces. Registration codes are now pre-processed and an attempt is made to clean them up and format them properly to make activating the software easier. 
Version: 10.10, Build 1780 - Latest Changes Release Date: September 10, 2013
  • Added: Various VB, C# and C/C++  sample applications illustrating how to use the COM interface to the server now ship with the product and are installed as a .zip file in the program files directory.
  • Added: On the HTTP/HTTPS tab, there is now a Require Certificates option which will reject HTTP/S connections from clients who do not supply a valid SSL certificate when connecting to the server.
  • Added: There is now a logging option for 'Unicode Formatted Logfiles'.
  • Added: There is a new C# sample application that illustrates how to gather new user account information from a WebForm and pass that data on to srxCFG to create a new user account. This sample can be easily extended to modify user, group and server information.
  • Fixed: During SFTP connections, the Language Tag string was not being returned to the client with the End Of File status during a directory listing. Some clients require this field and would time out waiting for the directory listing.
  • Fixed: For FTP connections, the send/receive timeout value was not always being honored.
  • Fixed: Issue with the StatsTrack engine starting during a Titan configuration. This feature is only available in the Cornerstone MFT product.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin server which could fail to recognize if a server name already existed during the process of creating a new server.
  • Fixed: Some PCI scanners were throwing off a warning because of some of the HTTP response headers being sent over in the WebUI. These headers have been removed to clean up the PCI scan.
  • Fixed: SSL Certificate problem which could cause the server to crash on FTP/S connections.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the SSL Certificate code which could cause excess memory usage on FTP/S and HTTP/S connections.
  • Fixed: Issue in the 'Log To File' event action which prevented the writing of Unicode text to the logfile.
  • Fixed: Using SSL Certificates containing RSA private keys in .pem format would crash the Admin application. This has been corrected.
Version: 10.01, Build 1740 - Latest Changes Release Date: June 11, 2013
  • Fixed: The installer was missing a DLL which prevented the web interface from working properly on fresh installations.
  • Fixed: When upgrading from older v8 and v7 systems, access permissions were not being processed properly for virtual folders.
  • Fixed: Fixed problem in the Admin utility with the 'inherit home directory' setting not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed: When processing a PWD command during an FTP session, a 550 was being returned if the user had no permissions to the current directory. PWD is now allowed even with no permissions on the current directory.
Version: 10.0, Build 1733 - Latest Changes Release Date: May 31, 2013
  • Added: Updated FIPS compatible encryption engine which includes faster AES and SHA-256 algorithms.
  • Added: Added support for more secure hashing algorithms including HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA384 and HMAC-SHA512.
  • Added: When using non-native User Authentication, there is now a Flush Cache button in the Administration utility to clear the contents of the server cache.
  • Fixed: The SMTP email engine was not honoring the port if it was not set to port 25. (Build 1733) [KYU-176-71471]
  • Fixed: Optimized the encryption subsystems to be directly incorporated into each SRT product instead of sharing a common runtime engine.
  • Fixed: Potential issue with the IP-Access feature in the Administration utility which could cause some IP Addresses to be ignored if the list became large. [YCZ-549-89134] and [GCG-484-77814]
  • Fixed: When using Inheritance in the Administration utility, if you were to inherit a numeric setting from the Server level to the Group level, the Group level did not accurately show the numeric value of the inherited Server value. [MEL-444-52257] and [JWC-161-80173]
  • Fixed: If, when running the Administration utility, a change was made to a setting and then the utility was closed, the administrator will now be prompted to "Save Changes" before the application closes.
  • Fixed: When uploading a file through the WebUI, the filename was not being logged properly in the logfile if the user was uploading multiple files at the same time [BZB-589-89608]
  • Fixed: In the Administration utility, it was possible to have an event duplicate itself if the admin created an event and then went back and modified the event without first closing down, and relaunching, the Administration utility. [XDZ-829-86951].
  • Fixed: When uploading multiple files in the WebUI, and an event was defined to fire after a File Upload Success, the event was only firing after the last file uploaded, not on each file. [QRL-620-53566]
  • Fixed: Some of the text elements in the WebUI were not translated properly into other languages. [QUN-360243]
  • Fixed: Problem in the WebUI which failed to display the proper progress information during an upload.
  • Fixed: Problem which failed to properly check user SSL certificates for FTP/S if the 'Require User Certificates' feature was enabled.
  • Dropped: Insecure hashing algorithms HMAC-MD5-96, HMAC-SHA1-96 are no longer supported.
Version: 9.13, Build 1625 - Latest Changes Release Date: December 7, 2012
  • Fixed: Issue in the Certificate Manager Wizard which prevented new certificates from being generated because of a "Certificate already exists with this name" error.
  • Fixed: SFTP upload issue which could prevent a newly created file from being uploaded to the server if the user was not granted Append permissions to the destination folder for the upload.
  • Fixed: Logging problem which could cause a memory exception during the logging of a message during the server shutdown.
  • Fixed: Issue which failed to return the proper 5xx level error code during an MLST/MLSD command if the target directory or file did not exist. 
Version: 9.12, Build 1615 - Latest Changes Release Date: October 16, 2012
  • Fixed: REST issue which could fail to set the proper file offset for offsets larger than 2,400,000 bytes.
  • Fixed: Usernames surrounded by single quotes are now accepted by the server. This was done to accommodate an issue with the Avaya client.
  • Fixed: Permissions issue which failed to display folders in the WebUI and SFTP client if the Hide Inaccessible Directories feature was enabled and the 'Inherit' flag was not set on the user's home directory.
  • Fixed: Log manager issue which could fail to display the proper UID or GID when printing SFTP file attributes to the logfile.
Version: 9.11, Build 1606 - Latest Changes Release Date: Sept, 2012
  • Fixed: MFMT issue which could cause a file to remain locked after the command was issued to the server.
Version: 9.1, Build 1605 - Latest Changes Release Date: Sept 12, 2012
  • Fixed: Various UTF8 encoding issues mainly involving the display of Far Eastern characters.
  • Fixed: Login performance problem after upgrading from v8 to v9 if Windows NT/SAM, Active Directory, or LDAP authentication was being used.
  • Fixed: Minor issue in the NT/SAM User Authentication engine which failed to return the proper error code if a group did not exist in the SAM database.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Server Activity window of the Admin console which failed to display the proper protocol name for connections in the Web Browser.
  • Fixed: Various memory issues which would cause a long delay when the Titan Service was stopping.
  • Fixed: Optimized the overall login performance across the board for all protocols.
  • Fixed: If an error occurred during the activation of a license, no error message was being displayed under certain conditions, primarily if the user did not have adequate rights to the local file system and/or to access the Internet.
  • Fixed: The Japanese version of the Tips file was displaying corrupted text.
  • Fixed: WebUI issue which was not honoring the folder permissions if a user did not have the 'Inherit' bit set on their home directory. Ticket #EXJ-856-52091
  • Fixed: In the Events Manager, the On Connect Successful event was not being fired for all protocols.
  • Fixed: Corruption in the Japanese helpfile.
  • Fixed: The Virtual Folder and Directory Access tabs at the User level would occasionally fail to save information properly and would report an Error: 65535.
  • Fixed: The SFTP engine was incorrectly returning dates/times as Local Time instead of UTC.
  • Fixed: Various issues with the Virtual Folder Wizard which could display incorrect information based on which level, Server, Group or User the folder was being configured for.
Version: 9.0, Build 1562 Release Date: April 11, 2012
  • Fixed: Uploading files using the WebUI could fail if NT/SAM Authentication and Impersonation were enabled and the files were being uploaded to a folder that pointed to a remote UNC. Ticket #ICG-148-21218
  • Fixed: Browsing using the WebUI could fail with a 'Permission Denied' if NT/SAM Authentication and Impersonation were enabled and the user was trying to browse a sub-directory which was a Virtual Folder that resolved to a UNC path and was configured at the Group Level.
  • Fixed: The Send Buffer Size and Receive Buffer Size values on the FTP tab in the Admin utility were not being honored correctly by the FTP engine.
  • Fixed: Increased the width of the Send and Receive Buffer Size controls on the FTP tab in the Admin utility to help with the display of the larger values.
  • Fixed: The Branding button on the HTTP tab in the Admin utility is now properly enabled if HTTPS is enabled and HTTP is disabled.
  • Changed: The Send Buffer Size and Receive Buffer Size values on the FTP tab now go to 1MB to allow for larger transfer buffer sizes and better performance on networks that have a high network latency.
  • Changed: Increased the internal buffer sizes for the low-level Windows Sockets used for file transfers in FTP, HTTP and WebDAV to help with performance on networks that have a high network latency.
  • Changed: Increased the internal buffer sizes used in Upload features of the WebUI to help with performance on networks that have a high network latency.
Version: 9.0, Build 1560 Release Date: March 31, 2012
  • Fixed: Ticket #ICG-148-21218: Impersonation was not being incorporated into WebDAV sessions when NT/SAM or ADSI authentication was enabled on the server.
  • Fixed: On the HTTP configuration tab, the Branding feature was only becoming enabled if HTTP access was enabled.
Version: 9.0, Build 1558 Release Date: March 21, 2012
  • Fixed: Ticket #JIV-772-35481: Directory Access tab rights only displayed inherited permissions when the user node was clicked on.
  • Fixed: Ticket IZE-798-81119: Spawning a script on events was truncating the command line to 256 characters.
  • Fixed: Message box displayed during Check for program update removed.
  • Fixed: Slow login performance for users that are members in more than a few groups.
Version: 9.0, Build 1555 Release Date: February 28, 2012
  • Fixed: Issue in the logging subsystem which would cause Debug and Informational/Verbose level messages to be printed to the logfile & screen even if the logging detail level was set to General. (JIRA# CS-115, Ticket# RYW-681-76253)
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which failed to return any error information if the user did not have Create Directory permissions in a folder and the client issued a MKDIR command. (JIRA# CS-116, Ticket# JRH-575-63133)
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which failed to return the proper directory permissions for the user's home directory if their permissions were set to List only and those permissions were not set to be inherited/pushed to the sub-directories. (JIRA# CS-112, Ticket# JRH-575-63133)
  • Fixed: General logging issue on 32 bit systems which attempted to print out numeric values incorrectly based on internal storage sizes. This would cause invalid socket, session and pointer information to be written to the logfile. This could potentially also cause an access violation in memory and cause the server to be terminated, especially if DEP was enabled on the Windows Server. (JIRA# CS-118, Ticket# SOV-861923)
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin which would occur after Cloning a user. Any attempt to update a cloned user's settings would fail if those changes also included changing the name of the user at the same time. (JIRA# CS-95, Ticket# NWQ-230-94304)
  • Fixed: Under certain scenarios, renaming a user, or changing their home directory could result in duplicate Directory Access or Virtual Folder entries to be listed under the user's account. (JIRA# CS-119)
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin utility which failed to provide any feedback after pressing the 'Test Connection' button when setting up a Stats Tracking data source. (JIRA# CS-107, Ticket# RID-279-91573)
  • Fixed: WebUI issue when attempting to change directories into a folder in which the user does not have permissions to view.  Now an error will be displayed and the WebUI will not allow changing directories into a a folder with no list permissions. (JIRA# CS-114) 
  • Fixed: Ticket #JIV-772-35481: Directory Access tab rights only displayed inherited permissions when the user node was clicked on.
  • Fixed: Ticket IZE-798-81119: Spawning a script on events was truncating the command line to 256 characters.
  • Fixed: Message box displayed during Check for program update removed.
Version: 9.0, Build 1550 Release Date: February 15, 2012
  • Fixed: There was a formatting problem in the Logfile generation which could result in invalid information being dumped to the logfile.
  • Fixed: Quota issue that could result in uploads failing even though quota was not exceeded. (JIRA# CS-109)
  • Fixed: Issue in WebUI that prevented logon on Win32 platforms. (JIRA# CS-106)
  • Fixed: Issue in the Virtual Folder wizard which failed to generate a proper virtual folder when using NT/SAM based authentication. (JIRA# CS-97)
  • Fixed: Issue which caused phantom groups and users to appear in the Admin application. (JIRA# CS-102)
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder issue which could cause an incorrect folder to be created during an upload if the Virtual Folder was defined at the Group or Server level and non-native authentication was being used.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the Admin Utility which failed to retrieve some of the configuration values from the database. This gave the appearance that certain values were incorrectly set.
  • Fixed: RegCode issue which resulted in valid registration codes to be displayed as Expired during an update from v8 to v9.
  • Fixed: Minor logging issue in the W3C formatted logfiles which displayed a % sign in front of the client socket identifier.
  • Fixed: Issue in the New User Wizard which would sometimes generate a double /usr/usr prefix on the user's home directory.
Version: 9.0 Release Date: January 17, 2012
  • Added: Internationalization Support. Titan FTP Server v9 is completely UNICODE based which will allow the server to access, store, and manage an unlimited number of files in an unlimited number of languages/character sets at the same time. [photo]
  • Added: Ability to ban files that do not have an extension. For Example: "*."
  • Added: The SMTP Email Tab now supports the ability to add a special custom port instead of the default SMTP Port.
  • Added: Ability to use secure SMTP Email over SSL/TLS. 
  • Added: Ability to handle chained CA certificates, specifically when Entrust hands down a certificate signed by an intermediate CA.
  • Added: Ability to assign a Primary Group to a user. In previous versions of Titan FTP Server, users were able to inherit some of their configuration values from a group which they were a member of. However, since there was no way to pick the group from which the user would inherit their settings, it was not consistent which settings the user would inherit. In Titan FTP Server v9 and later, each user will be assigned to at most 1 Primary Group. This Primary Group information will be used to determine where a user will inherit their setting from if inheritance is being used at the user level.
  • Added: Support for multiple host-keys for a given user. Users can now have one or more host-keys assigned to their user account. If the client presents any of the host-keys, they are authenticated.
  • Changed: In previous versions of Titan FTP Server, an Everyone group would be created even when the server was configured for non-native authentication. In Titan FTP Server v9 and later, the Everyone group will not be created on new servers unless native authentication is being used.
  • Changed: Implemented MS recommended workaround for ASP issue described in Microsoft KB-911272 which could cause ASP to unload while the WebUI was executing.
  • Changed: In the New Server Wizard, Anonymous FTP is now disabled when non-native authentication is being used.
  • Changed/Fixed: Issue in the Directory Access permissions which would prevent a subdirectory from having no access if the parent had full access. Titan FTP Server now accepts the concept of a null-ace, meaning that the Titan Admin can create a Directory Access rule that has no permissions. This rule will keep someone from accessing a directory even if the parent directory has been configured for Full Access with the 'Apply To Subdirectories' option enabled.
  • Fixed: Various memory management issues which could cause the Web Interface front end to go offline after a period of time because ASP.NET became unavailable. The ASP.NET issues would also manifest themselves by slowly accumulating system memory until the Titan FTP Server service would stop functioning.
  • Fixed: Various Admin issues dealing with the failure to properly enumerate groups and users when using non-native user authentication.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the Virtual Folder subsystems which could prevent new Virtual Folders from being added through the Virtual Folder Wizard and/or deleted or accessed.
  • Fixed: Various memory related issues which would slowly accumulate system memory if the Titan Tray or Admin applications were left running for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed: Various .NET and Web Interface related issues which would cause PCI scan warnings.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the srxCFG utility and srxCOM engine which prevented access and modification of various attributes.
  • Fixed: Various issues relating to the Flood Protection/DoS settings not being honored when configured to ban someone for a short period of time.
  • Fixed: Issue in the SFTP engine which could cause the Idle Connection Manager to close a connection as soon as it was established and before the user logged in. 
  • Fixed: Issue in WebUI that prevented logon on Win32 platforms
  • Fixed: Quota issue that could result in uploads failing even though quota was not exceeded.
Version: 8.40 Release Date: May 17, 2011
  • Added: The SMTP Email Tab now supports the ability to add a special custom port instead of the default SMTP Port.
  • Added: Secure SSL based SMTP Email ability.
  • Added: Ability to handle chained CA certificates, specifically when Entrust hands down a certificate signed by an intermediate CA. 
  • Fixed: Downloading .xlsx files resulted in the browser saving the file as a .zip file.
  • Fixed: Database fixes for updating paths when migrating data between user directories.
  • Fixed: Database problem which could fail to create the ODBC DSN Properly when using SQL Authentication.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Admin application which could allow a server to be deleted while it was running.
  • Fixed: Various issues in the Admin Application which could cause the user's parameters to be reloaded too frequently.
  • Fixed: Issue with the Virtual Folder Wizard failing to properly enumerate the Network resources.
  • Fixed: Added better support for renaming files over a UNC via SMB.
  • Fixed: Problem with the Session Statistics not showing up properly in the Activity window in the Admin application.
  • Fixed: Problem with the %VARIABLES% parsing in the Event Manager which would fail to parse the variable properly if it was in lower case or mixed case. 
Version: 8.32.1242 Release Date: March 8, 2011
  • Fixed: Slow login issue when many thousands of users are defined in the database.
  • Fixed: EPRT command would attempt to connect back to the client on an incorrect port.
Version: 8.31.1236 Release Date: January 31, 2011
  • Fixed: Flagged Events were not being deleted on occasion.
  • Fixed: When running in FTP/S mode, clients who presented valid user certificates would still be denied access to the system..
  • Fixed: Downloading files with japanese characters in the webui could result in a garbled suggested filename for the browser.
  • Fixed: APPE would overwrite the file if the appending file was zero bytes long. 
  • Changed: Updated help files and documentation with new SRT corporate headquarters address.
Version: 8.30.1231 Release Date: December 21, 2010
  • Added: A "Kick User On Bad Hostkey" flag is now available in SFTP. If this flag is enabled, the default, any FTP client that presents an invalid SFTP key will be disconnected as if they supplied an invalid password. Turn this setting off to allow SFTP clients the ability to connect and sequentially issue multiple SSH host keys until a valid key is found.
  • Fixed: Internal memory issue which could cause a race condition in the Titan Service if multiple servers were configured under a single domain and one or more servers had an invalid IP address and Titan was installed on a fast quad-core multi-processor box.
  • Fixed: Internal logic error which would prevent users from being properly displayed in the Admin application as members of a group.
  • Fixed: Issue with non-native authentication which could prevent the Users from being displayed properly under the Members and Non-Members tab in the Admininstration application.
  • Fixed: The Permit SFTP flag at the Group and User level was not honoring the value of the parent which could result in SFTP being disabled at a group level but enabled at a user or server level. 
  • Fixed: Added check boxes to the list of user host keys on the user SFTP tab to make it a bit more obvious which host keys will be valid for any given user.
  • Fixed: The SFTP engine was not propely processing invalid username/password hacking attempts and would fail to ban the IP address and not disconnect the user.
  • Fixed: Bug in SFTP v5 & v6 support whereby the extended OPEN flags were not being processed correctly causing uploads to fail.
  • Fixed: Issue with the database tables used by the Event Management System. When upgrading from an older version of Titan Server, and if no events existing, the event tables would not be created properly. While this error did not prevent the server from running, it did prevent new events from being created.
  • Fixed: Issue in the srxCOM interface which could cause a Windows error assertion in "WinCtr2.cpp".
  • Fixed: The installer was not properly checking and installing ASPX and was not properly registering some of the .NET objects needed for the WebUI to run.
  • Fixed: Updated the algorithm used in Passive Mode Accepts for FTP to help correct a problem with an occasional 425 timeout during a data connection.
  • Fixed: Updated DMZ client keep-alive logic to better detect when a firewall is recycled.
  • Fixed: Event notification for file upload events with the web user interface.
  • Fixed: On the Shared Connections tab in the Admin app, the Allow EPASV setting was not being set correctly if it was different than the Allow PASV setting.
Version: 8.22 Release Date: September 15, 2010
  • Fixed: In the Web UI, Download for a folder was not zipping the contents correctly if the folder was a Virtual Folder
  • Fixed: Issue that could cause the Titan Service to crash with an ASP.NET error after periods of inactivity or if a timeout occurred in the Web Interface.
  • Fixed: Issue that could cause the Titan Service to crash if the Web Interface was being used to upload a file with a filename > 260 characters in length.
  • Fixed: Issue that could cause a user's session in the Web Interface to timeout during a long upload.
  • Fixed: Issue with the progress dialog box in the Admin application which could cause the progress to roll-over from 100% back to 0% on lengthy operations.
  • Fixed: Issue which would produce a '404 not found' error in the Web Interface after upgrading from Titan v7 to Titan v8 and the Web Interface was enabled in v7.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Server Migrate feature which would fail to migrate Events if the source of the migration was a registry based server configuration and the destination of the migration was a database.
  • Fixed: Issue with Virtual Folders which could prevent a Server Level Virtual Folder from being available to some users after an initial user logged in and accessed the folder.
  • Fixed: Issue with QuickSend which could result in a failure if the email attachment originated on a UNC share.
  • Fixed: Issue which would make the Admin app appear to be hung while loading groups from an Active Directory or LDAP server if there were a large number of groups. A progress dialog box has now been added to illustrate progress.
  • Fixed: Issue which could cause certain FTP commands such as APPE, COMB, CWD, DELE, MDTM, MKD, MLST, RETR, SIZE, STAT, STOR and XCRC to return Access Denied if the file or path argument was located on a remote UNC share and Impersonation was being used and the Titan Service was running under the context of the LocalSystem account.
  • Fixed: Issue where Titan would return _NO_SUCH_PATH as an error code under SFTP v3. The proper return code would be _NO_SUCH_FILE in v3 since _NO_SUCH_PATH was not introduced until SFTP v4.
  • Fixed: Issue which would cause the Titan Service to crash during a directory listing if it encountered a filename containing certain unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Potential Web Interface security issue. The 'web.config' file used for the Titan Web Interface now has debugging turned off to increase performance and security.
  • Fixed: Potential issue with the way Titan generated the path and keyfile names for SSH hostkeys which could result in a Titan not being able to load the keyfile for the server or a user during authentication.
  • Fixed: When modifying the Base Server Data Directory or a User's Home Directory in the Admin application, data could potentially fail to migrate to the new location if a file by the same name already exists in the new destination location.
  • Fixed: When upgrading from a previous version of Titan, the installer will now provide an installation option to install SQLExpress 2005 if it is not already installed on the system.
  • Fixed: The Titan installer will properly detect if AJAX extensions are installed on 64-bit systems and will only install them if necessary.
  • Fixed: Updated the logging subsystems for faster performance.
  • Fixed: Potential problem which could cause the Titan Service to appear to be hung when it starts if one or more of the entries in the "Servers" key of the registry were corrupt or could not be read.
  • Fixed: Problem with the "UNC Accounts" feature on 64-bit systems which could cause the Titan Service to crash.
  • Fixed: Database issue which would fail to create proper indexes on sr_ugidmap_uid and sr_ugidmap_gid when using non-native user authentication with Titan. This caused performance issues with systems having a large number of Titan users (20,000+).
  • Fixed: Event Manager problem which could cause performance issues when a large number of "Flagged For Review" events accumulated in the system.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the Admin application which failed to release memory properly when it closed.
  • Fixed: Streamlined the NT/SAM authentication interface to increase performance for large installations of 100,000+ users and 100,000+ groups.
  • Fixed: Potential memory leak if NT/SAM user authentication was used and Impersonation was enabled.
  • Fixed: Login problem which could cause a "Login Failed" response when using Impersonation with Titan and there were a large number of users accessing the system.
  • Fixed: Login problem which could cause a delay when logging in to Titan is Impersonation was used.
  • Fixed: Timing issue which could cause the Titan Service to crash during startup if multiple servers were defined on the domain, one or more of the servers was unable to start, and the Titan Admin app was running and the Admin tried to manually start the server repeatedly.
  • Fixed: When running with debug level logging, Titan would indicate that some of the database query execution times were in 'milliseconds' when it was actually 'seconds'.
  • Fixed: Potential problem which could cause Titan to fail on various internal file operations if it encountered a long path name of more than 250 bytes long.
  • Fixed: Potential problem which could cause Titan to fail on various internal file operations such as 'Delete' or 'Rename' if Impersonation was used and the files were stored on a UNC share.
  • Fixed: Parsing problem which would cause users to not appear in the Titan Admin application when using non-native user authentication and the backend domain had more than 50,000 users or 50,000 groups.
  • Fixed: Timing issue which could cause the Titan Service to crash if the Admin attempted to stop/start the very quickly while server was in use and under heavy load by many users.
Version: 8.21 Release Date: August 20, 2010
  • Fixed: Installation issue which could cause the Account being used by the Service to be reset to LocalService during an upgrade from an earlier release.
  • Fixed: Downloading a file over FTP or FTPS would sometimes return a 451 error when using NT impersonation.
  • Fixed: Increased the SFTP server's listening pool buffer size to handle higher volumes of SFTP traffic. This corrects an issue where Titan would reject some SFTP connections when in a high volume installation. 
  • Fixed: Updated the logic used to interact with the events management database. This corrects an issue which would cause the server to record higher than necessary CPU usage if there were thousands of events and flagged events configured in the system.
  • Fixed: Issue with the 'Spawn External Command' dialog box in the Events Management UI which would allow for the creation of an action if no external command was specified.
  • Fixed: Issue with the 'Select file/folder' Condition dialog box in the Events Management UI which would fail to store the selected file/foldername that was chosen when you clicked on the '...' browse button.
  • Fixed: The File Progress information would sometimes fail to display during uploads in the Web Interface Module.
  • Fixed: Large file uploads in the Web Interface Module would sometimes timeout and the user would be returned to the main logon page.
  • Fixed: The 'Cancel Upload' button would sometimes fail to display during an upload in the Web Interface Module.
  • Fixed: In the Admin application, hitting F5 would sometimes crash the application if you had many servers configured for your domain.
  • Fixed: Issue with large uploads in the Web Interface Module which could cause ASP.NET to crash after a period of inactivity between ASP.NET and Titan. This in turn would bring down the Titan Service.
  • Fixed: Login issue when using NT/SAM authentication which could cause long delays when logging in to the server, especially if Impersonation was enabled.
  • Fixed: The Local Administration Server logfile for the main domain was not honoring the main Domain Log Directory setting in the Admin application.
  • Fixed: Added more detailed logging at the Domain level to help diagnose situations where a server may have issues during startup.
  • Fixed: Memory allocation/release error that could cause the service to hang or crash when using NT, A/D, or LDAP authentication.
  • Changed: Increased the connection timeout to 30 seconds on the SMTP/EMail configuration dialogs in the Admin application to handle situations where connecting the the email server takes a long time.
Version: 8.20 Release Date: July 16, 2010
  • Added: New DATETIMEEX variable to the events system that prints the raw date/time suitable for using in filenames, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS 
  • Added: Ability to detect username/password hacking attempts on the DoS/Flood Protection tab.
  • Added: Icons to the Events List to illustrate the enabled state.
  • Added: New option for the 'Launch Script' Event Action to 'Quote Params'. If enabled, double-quotes will be added around each parameter sent to the script. 
  • Fixed: Bug which would cause the Titan service to crash if running on a 64 bit OS and FIPS mode was enabled and SFTP was being used in conjunction with NT/SAM Authentication and/or NT Impersonation.
  • Fixed: The 'flagged for review' events were not working properly in the Admin.
  • Fixed: Deleting a server would leave partial information in the events tables.
  • Fixed: 'Move' was not working properly in the WebUI.
  • Fixed: The "Delete Server 'servername' from the system" message was formatted incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Enabling/Disabling events did not take affect until the server was restarted.
  • Fixed: Delete now works for folders with stuff in them.
  • Fixed: WebUI, when turning off Lock User In Home Dir, the RemoteURlValidation() would fail with "Invalid Server Path".
  • Fixed: WebUI, ClientUpload was failing when buried 2 or more deep in nested folders.
  • Fixed: srxCOM, SetAttr() was not working for Servers/Groups/Users. This is been broken forever.
  • Fixed: Column headers under IE8 now format correctly.
  • Fixed: The WebSite was not reloading the ServerDefaults correctly and didn't always accurately determine if the QuickSend or WebUI module was activated/enabled.
  • Fixed: The Logfile was not correctly dumping the registration codes and their status'.
  • Fixed: If FTP was disabled, users could not access the server through the WebUI.
  • Fixed: Bug in WebUI -> Move did not work if the 'Lock User In Home Directory' feature was disabled.
  • Fixed: The "Test Fire" option in the event handler system would generate strange %CIP% variables.
  • Fixed: srxCOM, If an invalid server name is supplied to a method, it will return SRX_SERVER_NOTFOUND. Same (respectively) is true for an invalid Group or User.
  • Fixed: srxCOM and srxCFG. You can now specify a list of Users as members of a group or groupnames as membership for a user.
  • Fixed: When storing Events in the registry, no new events could be added. New events were replacing old events.
  • Fixed: When using NT/SAM or ADSI and Impersonation, RNFR/RNTO was failing.
  • Fixed: Email notifications where the client user was not logged in displayed an empty USERNAME. It now replaces USERNAME with CIP.
  • Fixed: Titan Interop now checks the vailidity of the Connection Context to ASP. This prevents ASP from crashing and taking down the Titan Service.
  • Fixed: Database issue which failed to clean up queries against the Acl table that could lead to unnecessary database disconnects & reconnects.
  • Fixed: Idle Connection Timeouts were not working for WebUI connections.
  • Fixed: Various database issues which could cause deadlocking in the server if using SQLServer and the database server goes offline or becomes unavailable.
  • Fixed: Some strings were not localized correctly in the JA version.
  • Fixed: Potential issue with AUTH TLS which could cause a memory error if the server certificate failed to load.
  • Fixed: Modifying an event, and changing its name, would create a new event and leave the old. It now replaced the original event.
  • Fixed: Problem that would cause HTTP connections to timeout during a download.
  • Changed: Added new dedicated QSNotActivated and WebUINotActivated pages to the WebUI.
  • Changed: Idle Connection Timeout is now enabled by default at the server level.
Version: 8.10 Release Date: May 18, 2010
  • Added: Multiple SSH Host Keys are now supported at the user level when using SFTP.
  • Added: A new multi-threaded upload client in the Web Interface which can handle files larger than 4GB in size.
  • Added: A new "Secure File Delete" option which will securely overwrite, mangle, then wipe the contents of a file before deleting it. The filename is also mangled and then deleted.
  • Added: A new "Disable AutoComplete" feature in the Web Interface that will prevent the browser from saving the user's login information to the local browser cache.
  • Added: Ability to configure the timeout value for how long the server will wait for an incoming passive mode connection during an FTP session.
  • Added: Ability to allow empty directory name when issuing CWD from the client. CWD with no arguments will now simply remain in the current directory.
  • Updated: Certificate information is now dumped to the Debug log when using SSL.
  • Fixed: The 'Ban IP Forever' option of the Flood Protection/DoS feature was not always adding the IP address to the banned IP list.
  • Fixed: If the server failed to have the DMZ server listen on a specified port it would not retry the connect properly.
  • Fixed: SSL handshake issue that could result in aborted connections.
  • Fixed: The 'Disconnect' event was not being triggered consistently when SFTP connections would close.
  • Fixed: When enabling HTTP or HTTPS in the Admin, the Web Interface feature was not automatically being turned on (or off if both HTTP/HTTPS were disabled).
  • Fixed: On page 3 of the SSL Certificate Wizard, the Cert Name was read-only. this prevented renaming the cert which, if it was a wildcard cert, would fail to create the cert.
  • Fixed: When generating wildcard certificates, the '*' is now removed from the certificate name which will allow it to be saved to a file.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Certificate/SSL engine which could fail to open SSL Certificates created with Titan FTP/MFT Server v7 and earlier; especially if they were 1024-bit RSA based keys.
  • Fixed: In the Web Interface,, if you had a Virtual Folder with a different virtual name, it would yield an "Invalid Server Path" error during various operations.
  • Fixed: On the Web Interface Login page, the Username and Password labels were not aligned.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Web Interface which could prevent files from being uploaded if they already existed on the server.
  • Fixed: HTTPS uploads now work in the Web Interface.
  • Fixed: LDAP Authentication issue that prevented members of groups to be displayed when those groups were Org Units in the LDAP directory.
  • Fixed: SQLServer issue which prevented database from being created on x64 bit versions of Windows.
  • Fixed: The Client IP address is now recorded correctly when client connects through the Web Interface.
  • Fixed: The logfile header now displays the proper OS version when running on Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008.
  • Fixed: Bug in Check for Update wizard which failed to check which language version was being updated. 
  • Changed: Added new dedicated QSNotActivated and WebUINotActivated pages to the WebUI.
  • Changed: Idle Connection Timeout is now enabled by default at the server level.
Version: 8.01 Release Date: February 23, 2010
  • Fixed: New User Wizard was trying to add the new user to the groups twice.
  • Fixed: New User Wizard would pull the params from a user if you typed the name of an existing user.
  • Fixed: "Upload Failure" and "Download Failure" events are now being fired correctly for SFTP connections.
  • Fixed: When running in FTPS mode, there was a potential for the server to send an invalid server certificate to the client during the SSL handshake.
  • Fixed: Potential SSL transfer issue on Widows 7, 64 bit platforms.
Version: 8.00 Release Date: January 25, 2010
  • New: Web Interface feature allows HTTP/HTTPS connections to Titan through the convenience of a web browser.
  • New: Upgraded SSL engine based on Microsoft's Crypto API now supports SSL v3.0, TLS v1.0 and TLS 1.1.
  • New: Scalability and performance enhancements for systems with Windows NT authentication and large user bases.
  • New: Updated server wizard is now more user friendly and easier to configure a new server.
  • Fixed: Upload/Download failure events were not firing consistantly for SFTP connections.
  • Fixed: Could not change group attributes using the command line tool.
  • Fixed: Could not select an IP address for WebUI on multihomed system.
  • Fixed: MFMT command not working correctly with long file name with spaces in the name.
  • Fixed: Administrator Only installation required entering a registration code.
  • Fixed: Installer was not installing proper version of .NET.
  • Fixed: Virtual folders that are unaccessible due to access denied appended wildcard twice.
  • Fixed: NT Home Directories are now honored even if they are not fully qualified. If they are partial/relative directories, they'll be appended to the end of the servers data directory.
  • Fixed: Administration application would fail to save events properly if more than 250 events existed in the system.
Version: 7.12 Release Date: August 20, 2009
  • Fixed: Multithreaded error with multiple FIPS servers starting
  • Fixed: Diffie-Helman Handshake error prevented some clients from connecting.
  • Fixed: STAT <foldername> was not working properly
  • Fixed: MaxConcurrentLogins was not being honored
  • Fixed: SSL User Certs were not working properly
  • Fixed: Socket was not properly shut down when doing a Kick User After X Bad Commands
  • Fixed: Disk quota was not working properly with quotas over 4.2 gigabytes
  • Fixed: Change directory commands (CWD and CDUP) were not working properly when the User Home Directory did not end in "\"
  • Fixed: Several memory leaks including one in the Tray Icon
  • Fixed: WebUI was not working correctly when downloading multiple files to a single zip file
  • Fixed: Events System was ignoring "Do Not Process Command" action
  • Updated: 64-bit installers won't install on 32-bit OS
  • Updated: 32-bit installers will only install on a 64 bit OS if a previous 32 bit installation is present
  • Updated: 64-bit installers will not upgrade a 32 bit installation is present
  • Enhanced: Timeouts set longer in several places
  • Enhanced: Performance for loading users and groups from storage
  • Changed: 64-bit versions now properly report that they are 64-bit in Product Registration Information screen
  • Changed: Can no longer install 32 bit versions on 64 bit Operating System and vice versa
  • Added: Made support for EPSV and EPRT commands optional, but enabled by default
Version: 7.10 Release Date: May 18, 2009
  • Fixed: Files uploaded using WebUI now correctly honor quotas.
  • Fixed: Quota system now properly counts existing files against quotas if Free List is empty.
  • Fixed: Group settings now properly inherited for users where settings were previously overridden.
  • Fixed: MDTM and MFTM commands now handle milliseconds in the time field.
  • Fixed: Titan Admin timeout extended from 60 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • Fixed: NLST and MGET commands no longer ignore filters.
  • Fixed: LDAP users are now properly populated from groups.
  • Fixed: FTPS Handshake is now timed better to prevent failed connections.
  • Fixed: Items in lists no longer have to be selected to be included in Events Settings.
  • Added: Events System now includes ability to write out Attributes in CSV or XML formats.
  • Added: Timeout Setting in LDAP connections.
  • Added: SSL Connection for LDAP.
  • Enhanced: FTPS handshake now works with Diffie-Hellman primes of 768, 1024, 2048, and 4096 bits.
Version: 7.02 Release Date: March 18, 2009
  • Fixed: Titan Admin console -> Wizard for Virtual Folders was not displaying instructions. 
  • Fixed: DELE occasionally would not delete files.
  • Fixed: FTPS issue that would occassionally cause an AUTH SSL or AUTH TLS command to fail during a handshake. 
  • Fixed: Internal memory issue that could cause the USER command to crash the connection under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: FTPS issue that could cause uploads to fail with a 'timeout' under extremely heavy load.
  • Fixed: NT Impersonation was working incorrectly when using UNC paths.
  • Fixed: WebUI Client Upload Java version updated.
  • Changed: When using NT Impersonation the UNC Accounts are no longer used to authenticate UNC shares.
  • Added: WebUI Help System.
Version: 7.01 Release Date: February 8, 2009
  • Fixed: Titan Admin console -> Server Activity window failed to display all activity when there were many connections.
  • Fixed: MDTM would fail to return a valid reponse for 200.
  • Fixed: SSL problem which would fail to resynchronize FTP connection after a CCC command.
  • Fixed: SSL Certificate Manager Wizard was not able to create a CSR properly.
  • Fixed: DiskQuota error message in SFTP subsystem was using %i64u instead of %I64u producing bad log message
  • Fixed: STOU was generating an invalid random file name prefix.
  • Fixed: Bug in NLST when specifying a wildcard search, nothing was returned.
Version: 7.00 Release Date: December 18, 2008
  • Added: Web Browser Interface add-on for MFT Edition.
  • Added: FIPS 140-2 compliance option for MFT Edition.
  • Added: Titan is now available in both 32-Bit and 64-Bit editions.
  • Added: SVR_GetSessions() call to the srxCOM interface.
  • Added: Support for new MFMT (modify file modification date) and MFCT (modify file creation date) FTP commands.
  • Fixed: DST problem which displayed incorrect date/times when 'Adjust for Daylight Savings Time' flag was enabled and DST was not in effect.
  • Fixed: "Before File Download" event was not firing for SFTP connections.
  • Fixed: MFT Clustering Wizard issue which failed to 'attach' a new cluster node to the original cluster.
Version: 6.26.630 Release Date: October 1, 2008
  • Fixed: SFTP connections were not honoring Banned File Types.
  • Fixed: The Japanese localized version was displaying corrupted text on some of the dialogs in the Administration utility.
  • Fixed: The Virtual Folder Wizard was not accepting UNC paths longer than 132 characters in length.
Version: 6.25.622 Release Date: September 2, 2008
  • Fixed: <F1> was failing to launch the help system from some dialog boxes.
  • Fixed: Titan MFT Server was failing to properly resolve nested AD Security Groups containing a combination of distribution lists, groups and users.
  • Fixed: srxCFG utility was unable to LISTGROUPS.
Version: 6.24.621 Release Date: August 12, 2008
  • Fixed: ODBC User Authentication Wizard now has options to 'Hide Disabled User Accounts' and 'Get Users Home Directory from Database'
  • Fixed: Secure data connections were not cleaning up the SSL connection properly.
  • Fixed: Generating a directory listing that contained a server level Virtual Folder could cause a memory trap and fail to display the Virtual Folder.
  • Fixed: User accounts were not honoring the 'Disable account after X invalid password attempts' flag.
  • Updated: Titan Help System.
Version: 6.23.616 Release Date: August 1, 2008
  • Fixed: The 'Show Variables' dialog in the Events Manager was not showing any variables.
  • Fixed: 'Successful Download' events were not firing correctly for SFTP downloads.
  • Fixed: Active Directory performance issue when AD users were members of many complex nested groups that were located many levels down within nested OUs.
  • Fixed: Disk quotas were not being honored under SFTP.
  • Fixed: LDAP/ADAM issue which failed to reset the connection between the Titan server and the ADAM server if the connection was closed due to inactivity.
  • Fixed: NLST was not properly processing certain folder names such as '.'.
  • Fixed: A/D Authentication issue which could prevent user and group configuration settings from being retained during an upgrade from 6.1 or earlier to 6.20/6.21
  • Fixed: LDAP issue which prevented NT Security Groups from showing up after an upgrade from Titan 5.x if LDAP was talking to an Active Directory.
  • Fixed: FTPS issue which could sporatically terminate a connection under heavy/consistant load.
  • Fixed: Typing mistake on the FTP/SSL dialog page.
  • Changed: When using A/D authentication, Titan will now attempt to verify the user's password using username@domain if the simple username failed.
Version: 6.21.596 Release Date: May 27, 2008
  • Added: Support for the DMZedge Server Keep-Alive feature.
  • Added: FTP option to force NLST to return directory names in addition to returning file names.
  • Added: SFTP and FTP option to 'lock file during upload' which will force Titan to create an exclusive lock on the server file while it is being uploaded from the client.
  • Fixed: User home directories were not being created correctly if the user inherited their home directory from the group level and the 'create home directory' option was enabled in the New User Wizard.
  • Fixed: A/D authentication issue which failed to honor the User Category filter.
  • Fixed: Issue which prevented users from logging in if Titan was running a cluster and SQL Server was used as the database engine and Active Directory was used as the authentication engine.
  • Fixed: Issue which could prevent Titan from reconnecting to the DMZedge Server if the connection was forcefully closed by a firewall.
  • Fixed: File/Directory conditions were not firing correctly if SQL Server was used as the database engine.
Version: 6.20.587 Release Date: April 28, 2008
  • Added: Password Complexity feature for the MFT edition of Titan. Titan can now force passwords to adhere to standard complexity rules.
  • Added: Option in the Run Script event that allows Titan to block and wait for the event before processing other commands.
  • Added: %FILESIZEB% variable to print out the file size in bytes instead of Kbytes.
  • Added: %TIMEONLY% and %DATEONLY% variables to break date/time values out separately.
  • Fixed: Potential minor memory leak during logfile generation (Build 581)
  • Fixed: Fixed: CWD bug which failed to trap for invalid wildcard characters.
  • Fixed: 'Restore Server' is now available as an option from the Server menu. This will restore a previously backed up server configuration over the existing server configuration.
  • Fixed: Some Group parameters were not being honored if using Active Directory authentication.
  • Fixed: srxCOM object was failing to connect correctly.
  • Fixed: SFTP was returning an incorrect attribute flag for a Virtual Folder when running in v3 mode.
  • Fixed: Active Directory authentication issue which failed to recognize Organizational Units as valid groups under certain configurations.
  • Fixed: The 'Logfile Rotated' event now fires.
  • Fixed: Issue that would prevent the Titan Admin program from launching on older versions of Windows 2000.
  • Fixed: Events Management issue that could corrupt the events list if IP addresses were banned for failed login attempts.
  • Fixed: Active Directory authentication issue which prevented users Email Address from being picked up from the A/D server.
  • Fixed: Active Directory authentication issue which prevented users home directory from being retrieved if User Cache Life or Group Cache Life was set very short.
  • Fixed: Issue where Virtual Folders were not hidden if the 'Hide Hidden Directories' feature was enabled and the Virtual Folder was marked as hidden.
  • Fixed: Issue where Virtual Folders would appear in a directory listing if the user did not have access to the Virtual Folder and the user enabled the 'Hide Folders User Cannot Access'.
  • Fixed: If SFTP services are enabled on the server, but FTP services are not enabled, the 'Anonymous' user account is no longer created.
Version: 6.10.560 Release Date: February 1, 2008
  • Fixed: Database timeout issue when using clustered Titan MFT Servers and a MySQL database.
  • Fixed: Bug with MODE Z compression which could cause decompression to fail if used over SSL.
  • Fixed: Bug in NT/AD/ODBC User Authentication which failed to flush user cache if a user was removed from a group and/or deleted from the system.
  • Fixed: Bug in installer, the Uninstall icon did not have quotes around the program executable which prevented the uninstaller from launching correctly.
  • Fixed: Bug in srxCFG which failed to clear the IPAccessList.
  • Fixed: Bug in DMZ client which failed to initialize Implicit 990 connections correctly.
  • Fixed: Bandwidth throttling now works with SFTP.
  • Fixed: The Max Upload/Download Size value was not being displayed properly in the 226 reply when the file size exceeded the configured value.
  • Fixed: Bug in Event Manager which failed to trigger certain File/Directory events if multiple events for different paths were defined.
  • Fixed: Bug in ODBC User Authentication which prevented Titan from connecting to remote SQL Server databases.
  • Fixed: If a user account was disabled due to an invalid number of password attempts, re-enabling the user account did not reset their failed password attempts to zero.
  • Updated: Enhanced the log messages for SFTP connections.
Version: 6.06.555 Release Date: December 21, 2007
  • Fixed: Bug that returned invalid error code if invalid arguments were sent to the SITE PSWD command.
  • Fixed: Bug in PASV handler which could cause connection to hang if client computer disconnected after a PASV command without issuing a STOR, RETR or LIST. This would result in a 'dead' connection stuck in the Active Connections list and could exhaust the available connections on some Personal and Professional editions.
  • Fixed: Bug in CWD which could allow a user to CD into another users directory if they had permissions to the Server Base Data Directory and the Lock User In Home Directory option was enabled.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented custom Banner messages from being sent to the client PC upon initial connection.
  • Fixed: Bug in Titan Admin program which failed to recognize the User Can Change Password option when it was changed.
  • Changed: The default setting for Block Anti Timeout Schemes for new servers is now ENABLED instead of DISABLED.
Version: 6.05.550 Release Date: December 10, 2007
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented custom banner messages from being displayed.
  • Fixed: Bug in installer, the Uninstall icon did not have quotes around the program executable which prevented the uninstaller from launching correctly.
  • Fixed: Bug in srxCFG which failed to clear the IPAccessList.
  • Fixed: Bug in DMZ client which failed to initialize Implicit 990 connections correctly.
  • Fixed: Bandwidth throttling now works with SFTP.
  • Fixed: The Max Upload/Download Size value was not being displayed properly in the 226 reply when the file size exceeded the configured value.
  • Fixed: Bug in Event Manager which failed to trigger certain File/Directory events if multiple events for different paths were defined.
  • Fixed: 'Allow User To Change Password' field was not being updated correctly in the Admin program.
  • Updated: Enhanced the log messages for SFTP connections.
Version: 6.04.545 Release Date: October 1, 2007
  • Fixed: Various issues when using Active Directory authentication which prevented some users from appearing in groups.
  • Fixed: Log messages were not being recorded properly unless the logging level was set to Debug.
  • Updated: SSH host key management utility to properly disable invalid key lengths when using DSA key types. The host key management utility now properly displays 1024-bit key support with DSA.
  • Updated: Added a caching feature to UNC authentication; this feature will force Titan to re-authenticate against remote UNC's every 60 minutes to avoid the connection going stale.
Version: 6.03.537 Release Date: Sept 13, 2007
  • Fixed: Scheduled events were not firing.
  • Fixed: The time of the 'last command' was not being updated for some SFTP commands resulting in an incorrect idle connection timeout that would close the SFTP connection during long file transfers.
  • Fixed: The Event Manager was not reloading the events list when events were added, deleted, or disabled/enabled.
  • Fixed: Memory leak that would occur if the same user logged in multiple times repeatedly.
  • Fixed: Idle connections were not being closed properly if terminated non-gracefully when a user was not logged in.
  • Fixed: COM/srxCFG issue which would not properly retain existing Group settings when adding members to groups.
  • Fixed: Optimized ftp connection subsystems to allow more concurrent connections to be serviced simultaneously.
  • Fixed: Optimized connection memory usage to limit the amount of system memory each connection uses. This will decrease the memory footprint of Titan under heavy loads.
  • Fixed: SSL data connections were not being encrypted unless PROT P was issued.
  • Fixed: The response to a QUIT command was not sent properly prior to closing the connection.
  • Fixed: using GETUATTR GETSATTR and GETGATTR in srxCFG would result in a buffer overflow and/or invalid attributes
  • Fixed: srxCFG would not set the users password correctly.
  • Fixed: srxCFG would not generate a list of users properly.
  • Fixed: Potential buffer overflow issue in the log manager if user supplied invalid content from an ftp client.
  • Fixed: PASV mode issue resulting in a 421 memory error if FTP was disabled but FTPS was enabled.
  • Fixed: NT/SAM Authentication problem when enumerating Local Groups.
  • Fixed: 'flagged' events were not loading properly in the Titan Administration program.
  • Fixed: Bug in DoS/Flood Protection which would cause users to be accidentially banned for hammering.
  • Changed: Increased the default flood protection values to 100 connections in 5 seconds to minimize the risk of valid connections being banned.
Version: 6.01.512 Release Date: August 7, 2007
  • Added: Message box to the installer telling users to reboot before using the Titan Administration Utility.
  • Fixed: Admin UI bug that prevented Disk Quotas from being enabled at the Group/User level.
  • Fixed: Email events were not being sent to all recipients if multiple 'to' users were specified in the event.
  • Fixed: Banned file types feature was not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Connections were not being cleaned up correctly during a standard ftp session if the user QUIT and the server was behind a firewall.
  • Fixed: Connection issue that could result in connection being closed if the user did not log in within 1 minute of connecting to server.
  • Fixed: User params were not honoring inheritance when stored in a database.
  • Fixed: Email Event Handler was not properly populating the 'From' field of the email.
  • Fixed: Email Events were failing to send email to multiple users when separated by ';'
  • Fixed: Html Email Events were not being sent as Html.
  • Fixed: SFTP was not returning the proper home directory if Group Home Directory inheritance was turned on with Lock User In Home Directory.
  • Fixed: SFTP was not properly validating client public keys when pubic host key authentication was required.
  • Fixed: Potential deadlock/hanging problem with inheritance & user params during FTP logins.
  • Fixed: Server Params were not being reloaded after the Event Manager made a change (such as banning an IP).
  • Fixed: Kick User events were not kicking the user if they did not have a valid username.
  • Removed: During a Test Fire of the Events Manager, a blank message box would appear; this has been removed.
Version: 6.00.492 Release Date: July 10, 2007
  • Added: There is a new Edition of Titan FTP Server; MFT (Managed File Transfer) Edition which has many new features not available ino ther editions of Titan. For more information, visit the Titan FTP Server - MFT Edition website.
  • Added: Support for Windows Active Directory based user authentication - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for LDAP based user authentication - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for ODBC based user authentication - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for Windows Active Directory based user authentication - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for LDAP based user authentication - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for ODBC based user authentication - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for storing configuration information in an ODBC database instead of the system registry - MFT Edition.
  • Added: Support for DMZedge Server - MFT Edition.
  • Added: New %OLDFILENAME% event variable to handle the source filename in a rename command.
  • Added: Support for Local NT/SAM user authentication with a sandalone PC.
  • Added: A new %OLDFILENAME% event variable to handle the souce filename in a rename command.
  • Added: Support for Local NT user authentication with a standalone PC. Titan can now be installed on a standalone NT based computer and use the local NT accounts database for authentication, impersonation, and home directories.
  • Added: An upgraded SFTP/SSH engine. Initial tests show a 25% increase in throughput over Titan v5.
  • Added: Ability to configure the send/receive buffer size in the FTP engine for optimizing throughput on high latency networks.
  • Added: Support for Windows Vista.
  • Added: Support for 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Added: Better support for NT home directories when used in conjunction with NT/Active Directory authentication.
  • Added: Better support for NT impersonation when used in conjunction with NT/Active Directory authentication.
  • Added: Anti-hammering/D.O.S. events to handle too many connection attempts in a brief period of time.
  • Added: Better kick-user event management to handle brute-force username/password hacking attempts.
  • Added: Better passive mode support. Titan now supports the ability to use a single port for passive mode connections allowing administrators the ability to limit the number of open ports on the firewall.
  • Added: Ability for Titan to open data connections to clients who do not specify a PORT or PASV command prior to a LIST, RETR, or STOR command. Titan will default to PORT mode and will open a data connection back to the Client IP on port 21 as per RFC-959.
  • Added: Better pre-parsing of input data to handle quirky clients who send over //'s for path delim characters.
  • Added: Feature that allows Titan to exclude Local IP addresses from receiving the Router's IP address in response to the PASV command.
  • Added: Added Logging feature to control the level of detail being dumped to the logfile.
  • Added: Email server configuration options at the Server level. These are used by Events Management and other notification subsystems.
  • Added: Support for XCWD.
  • Added: The Server Wizard now has a dedicated FTP page for better configuration with firewalls.
  • Added: A 'Protocol' column in the server activity window.
  • Fixed: srxCOM interface now supports the ability to set a users password through the USR_SettAttr() call.
  • Fixed: When using NT authentication and NT home directories, Titan now generates a default ACL that gives the user rights to their own home directory.
  • Fixed: Bug in the ban-IP code that would allow duplicate entries.
  • Fixed: Stats can now be recorded to any ODBC based database, not just an MSAccess database.
  • Fixed: RETR was not returning an error when a folder name was specified.
  • Fixed: SIZE command was not returning a 550 error when the client specified a Folder Name instead of a File Name. SIZE is not valid for folders .
  • Fixed: The 'Server Stopped' event was not firing correctly.
  • Fixed: Bug in Directory Access rules that would fail to update the ACE for the users home directory if the user inherited their directory from the Group and the Group Home Directory was modified.
  • Fixed: Bug in Directory Access rules that would generate a path with an extra '\' on the end.
  • Fixed: Bug in the generation of a users home directory if they were a member of a group that used a group level home directory.
  • Fixed: Passive mode data connections were not timing out which could lead to socket exhaustion and/or invalid data socket re-use for ftp connections.
  • Fixed: General cleanup for deadlock prevention between the Admin app and the Server process.
  • Fixed: Updated some of the fields in W3C loggging for SFTP banned connections.
  • Fixed: Spelling error in UI for "Alow".
  • Fixed: SFTP permissions problem which would delete file if Write perms were granted but Append/Replace perms were not and the file already existed.
  • Fixed: Group Home Directory inheritance was not working correctly if it was set to 'User Dirs Default To SubDir Of Group Dir'.
  • Fixed: Various issues that prevented Idle Connections from being cleared. Also fixed problem with Kick User and Kick Session.
  • Fixed: 'usr' directory was being created even if Use Standard Unix Dirs was not enabled.
  • Fixed: SFTP was not correctly closing the connection from Putty/PSFTP when the exit command was received.
  • Fixed: SFTP was not kicking banned IP addresses upon connection.
  • Fixed: The Adjust For Daylight Savings Time was being used even where DST is not honored.
  • Fixed: Inheritance of string/text values was not working correctly at the User/Group Levels.
  • Fixed: When a user was a member of a Group that was configured to use a Group Level Home Directory, there was no way to Un-inherit this setting and override it at the User Level.
  • Fixed: The QUIT command was not closing the socket connection correctly.
  • Fixed: New User Wizard was not inheriting the User Directory from the Group correctly.
  • Fixed: COMB was not properly cleaning up temp files.
  • Fixed: KPS statistics where not being tallied correctly at the server level.
  • Fixed: Remote Administration bug which failed to save parameters under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Modified the refresh logic in the Server Activity window so that it would display faster.
  • Fixed: Server Activity bug that prevented the username from being displayed if client used SFTP with Public Key Authentication.
  • Fixed: Spy On User and Spy On Session now record the same detail and format as the standard logfile.
  • Fixed: Various logging issues with W3C formatted log files.
  • Fixed: User connects were failing if SFTP was enabled but FTP was disabled.
  • Fixed: Added checks to UI code so that all network/remote paths are resolved into UNC's. This corrects problems where admins enter mapped drive letters in the events manager and then the events don't process because the mapped drive is not accessible from the Titan Service.
  • Fixed: SFTP now honors the Don't Show Hidden Files flag.
  • Fixed: If the Remote Administration utililty was installed on a PC without a valid regcode, it would not work.
  • Fixed: Account Expiration was not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Buffer memory error in the Tray application.
  • Fixed: Returning a directory listing containing 40K files was taking too long. Reworked the logic to process the directory information more effeciently.
  • Fixed: Optimized performance for systems using NT/SAM Authentication.
  • Fixed: Bug in STOR which could cuase Titan to crash.
  • Changed: Upgraded the system requirements necessary for running Titan.
  • Changed: When using NT Authentication; all users must now belong to a valid 'included' Group to log in to the server.
  • Dropped: Support for Windows NT v4. Titan now makes use of certain OS features that were not available in NT4.
  • Removed: Removed the custom Control Panel Applet since the Windows NT Services CPA has much more functionality.
Version: 5.39.389 Release Date: June 2, 2007
  • Fixed: During passive mode data transfers, Titan would fail to close the data socket if the client failed to connect in a timely fashion.
Version: 5.38.388 Release Date: April 25, 2007
  • Fixed: Upload statistics were not being recorded properly for SFTP file transfers.
Version: 5.37.387 Release Date: March 5, 2007
  • Fixed: Statistics were not being recorded which could lead to excessive memory consumption by the server over time.
  • Fixed: User connections were not being kicked properly by the Events Manager if the user was supplying an invalid username.
Version: 5.36.386 Release Date: February 21, 2007
  • Fixed: Logging/Events Management issue that could result in Titan using 99% of the CPU.
Version: 5.35.385 Release Date: February 1, 2007
  • Fixed: Passive/Bind issue if the Passive Port Range feature was used with a port range of 1 (i.e., 20000-20000).
  • Fixed: Bug in the Ban IP Address logic that would allow duplicate banned IP addresses in the list.
  • Fixed: Users password was being displayed in the logfile for FTP connections if the logfile format was set to W3C.
  • Updated: SSL engine to OpenSSL 0.9.8d.
  • Changed: Titan will now allow a server to start/come online even if it is not able to start the FTPS or SFTP subsystems due to certificate or host key errors. This will allow the Titan Administrator the ability to examine the live logfile to better understand why the server did not come up completely.
Version: 5.33.381 Release Date: December 18, 2006
  • Updated: Japanese build to 5.33.381
Version: 5.33.380 Release Date: December 8, 2006
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which would cause Titan to fail on uploads and downloads when the file size was over 2GB in size and the SFTP client was using random I/O calls to seek to various positions in the file.
  • Fixed: Events that contained wildcards in the condition, such as XM*.EXT, were not firing.
  • Fixed: Events that had file conditions containing fully qualified paths were not firing.
  • Fixed: When using NT Authentication, the Titan Administration utility would not allow the inclusing of new users.
  • Fixed: Sub directories were not appearing correctly under SFTP if the "Hide Inaccessible Dirs" feature was enabled.
Version: 5.32.376 Release Date: November 1, 2006
  • Fixed: SFTP issue which would cause Titan to fail on uploads and downloads when the file size was over 2GB in size and the SFTP client was using random I/O calls to seek to various positions in the file.
  • Fixed: Events that contained wildcards in the condition, such as XM*.EXT, were not firing.
  • Fixed: When using NT Authentication, the Titan Administration utility would not allow the inclusing of new users.
  • Fixed: The Directory Access folder selection dialog was not listing mapped network drives. Mapped drives are now listed and then converted to UNC paths so that they will be accessible from the Titan service.
Version: 5.31.373 Release Date: October 17, 2006
  • Fixed: Bug that would abort the connection if an empty password was received from the client. This would prevent MS Internet Explorer from prompting for a username/password.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder issue which would prevent users from being able to access a Virtual Folder if they had proper Directory Access Rights, but the Virtual Folder referenced a directory that was outside of the users namespace (and did not have any explicit Directory Access Rights).
Version: 5.30.367 Release Date: October 1, 2006
  • Updated: SSL engine to OpenSSL 0.9.8b.
  • Updated: Cryptographic engine to Crypto++ 5.3.
  • Fixed: RFC 959 compliance issue with LIST foldername not returning the contents of the foldername.
  • Fixed: NT Authentication issue which could fail to generate a valid list of membership groups for a user.
  • Fixed: Bug which could cause sporadic file transfer failure if the client was running in Active/Port mode and they were attempting to transfer many small files very quickly. This would cause Titan to fail with a 425 error.
  • Fixed: Various locking issues with the Events and Logging managers that would cause Titan to hang under various conditions.
  • Fixed: Event Manager issue that would fail to file based events, primarily uploads, under heavy loads.
Version: 5.27.362 Release Date: September 1, 2006
  • Added: Internal configuration setting for spawned events that allow for double-quotes to be eliminated from the command arguments.
  • Fixed: Various Log Manager issues that could cause Titan to hang under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Configuration issue that could cause Virtual Folders to be inaccessible or hidden under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: SFTP event bug that was not firing the EVENT_WRITE_BEFORE event on SFTP Open commands.
  • Fixed: Bug in the calculation of available free space in the DQTA command.
  • Fixed: SFTP Banned IP Trigger issue that could crash the server if the Banned IP Address feature was enabled.
Version: 5.26.361 Release Date: August 8, 2006
  • Fixed: Login performance issue when using NT Authentication.
  • Fixed: The username field was not appearing correctly in the logfile when W3C formatting was used.
  • Fixed: Users would occasionally be denied login access if their home directory was located on a UNC based resource and NT Authentication & Impersonation was being used.
  • Fixed: SFTP Rename issue when WebDrive would try to rename a file in a subdirectory.
  • Fixed: FTP permissions issue that would allow ls folder if the user did not have LIST rights to folder.
  • Fixed: Events management was not available through Remote Administration when talking to an Enterprise License.
Version: 5.25.356 Release Date: July 11, 2006
  • Fixed: RSA issue that would cause the SFTP server to crash if user supplied an RSA public-key for authentication.
  • Fixed: srxCFG issue that would prevent the changing of a user's password.
  • Fixed: Bug which would prevent subdirectories of Virtual Folders from appearing if the 'Hide Directories Users Cannot Enter' feature was enabled.
Version: 5.24.352 Release Date: June 21, 2006
  • Fixed: CD .. was not working correctly when used over an SFTP connection from an SFTP command line client.
  • Fixed: srxCom.USR_SetAttr() issue that prevented attributes from being saved.
Version: 5.23.351 Release Date: June 16, 2006
  • Fixed: Activation issue which would cause Titan to revert to Evaluation mode after activation.
  • Fixed: Max Connections at the User level was not allowing the proper number of connections per-user.
Version: 5.22.350 Release Date: May 23, 2006
  • Fixed: UTF8 decoding bug when SFTP clients were connected using protocol level 4 or higher.
Version: 5.21.347 Release Date: May 11, 2006
  • Fixed: Bug that could potentially prevent some unsigned numeric server configuration settings from being saved properly.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented product activation and resulted in an 'Invalid Registration Code Length' error.
  • Fixed: multi-threaded issue in the Event Trigger subsystems that could cause Titan to hang under heavy load.
Version: 5.20.342 Release Date: April 26, 2006
  • Fixed: Updated SFTP Cipher and MAC lists so that old values are removed before sending these lists to SFTP clients. This was causing SFTP connections to sometimes use an incorrect Cipher or MAC when a server configuration was updated.
  • Fixed: Various issues that could potentially cause the server to stop accepting new connections under extremely heavy loads.
  • Fixed: Various activation issues.
  • Fixed: Control Panel applet was crashing under Far East versions of the OS.
  • Fixed: Log manager issue that could crash the logging subsystems under heavly load.
Version: 5.12.336 Release Date: March 24, 2006
  • Fixed: Minor UI bugs.
Version: 5.12.335 Release Date: March 21, 2006
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented the Administrator program from loading user settings when using NT Authentication.
Version: 5.12.334 Release Date: March 16, 2006
  • Updated: NT Authentication now allows users to be deleted. Also, in certain circumstances, users might need to be added again to show up in the Titan Administrator interface.
  • Fixed: Issue where incoming SFTP connections using the CuteFTP client were failing.
Version: 5.12.333 Release Date: March 8, 2006
  • Fixed: Bug with NT Authentication that allowed domain users which were not added to Titan to connect.
Version: 5.12.332 Release Date: March 6, 2006
  • Added: FTP tab at the Group and User level. This makes it possible to explicitly deny a user or group access via FTP.
  • Added: It is now possible to specify more than one account to use when authenticating for UNC paths. This feature has been moved from the Server Advanced tab to a new Accounts tab. Titan will attempt to authenticate using each account in the list until it succeeds.
  • Updated: srxCOM interface now supports an optional last parameter to each function call. This parameter can be used to retrieve the error code of a function.
Version: 5.11.331 Release Date: February 24, 2006
  • Updated: Directory Access permissions are not automatically added for a user's home directory if the user already inherits permissions for that directory.
  • Fixed: Issue with the "hide inaccessible directories" features that allowed a user to see directories when using SFTP.
  • Fixed: Issue where changing values at the Group level would not immediately update them at the User level (if inherited).
Version: 5.11.330 Release Date: February 16, 2006
  • Added: Ability to hide directories that users cannot enter. The feature can be configured on the "Files/Directories" tab.
  • Updated: SFTP will attempt to authenticate a user based on hostkey or password as long as the "Require trusted hostkeys" option is not enabled. Previously, only password authentication was allowed when "Require trusted hostkeys" was turned off.
  • Fixed: SFTP bug that required "Read/Download" permissions to upload a file. File uploads can now be accomplished by having "Write/Upload" and "Append" permissions ("Append" permissions are required because SFTP uploads are block-level).
Version: 5.10.329 Release Date: February 14, 2006
  • Updated: SFTP Cipher and MAC list now accurately reflects the Ciphers and MACs supported by Titan.
  • Fixed: SFTP Cipher selection bug which caused certain clients to be unable to connect to Titan. The Solaris SFTP client and Perl::SFTP module should now be able to successfully connect.
Version: 5.10.328 Release Date: February 10, 2006
  • Added: New logging improvements which make it easier to view and filter log content in plain text format. There are three new log fields: Level, Status, and Subsystem. In addition, the log level can be selected from four different options (previously, the only options were normal and verbose).
  • Improved: If you have elected to save the Administrator username and password, the program will automatically attempt to login to the domain.
  • Improved: Several UI modifications to the Tray Application menu.
  • Fixed: Possible port conflict after a SFTP server has been deleted and a new SFTP server is created.
Version: 5.05.327 Release Date: February 2, 2006
  • Fixed: Directory Access permissions set at the Server level were incorrectly applied to logged in users, resulting in access being denied when it should have been granted.
Version: 5.05.326 Release Date: January 31, 2006
  • Added: Warning message when connecting via Remote Administration and the remote version of Titan is different than the local version.
  • Added: Ability to modify the Domain Name and Domain Description on the Local Administration tab.
Version: 5.05.325 Release Date: January 23, 2006
  • Fixed: FTP APPE (Append) command was overwriting file contents.
  • Fixed: Bug where NT Authentication users with no group membership incorrectly inherited values for the "Enabled" and "Home Directory" attributes.
Version: 5.05.324 Release Date: January 19, 2006
  • Fixed: MODE Z compression bug with directory listing, uploading, and downloading.
  • Fixed: SFTP now correctly closes directory handles. This will fix a bug where the FileZilla SFTP client would be sometimes unable to delete a directory.
Version: 5.05.323 Release Date: January 12, 2006
  • Fixed: Disk Quotas now works correctly for SFTP connections. Previously, it was possible to exceed the set quota under certain circumstances.
Version: 5.05.322 Release Date: January 9, 2006
  • Fixed: Servers running under NT Authentication that were stopped displayed incomplete user and group lists from the Titan Administrator.
Version: 5.05.321 Release Date: January 6, 2006
  • Fixed: NT Authentication now works for adding users without groups. Previously, a message saying the user already existed incorrectly appeared.
  • Fixed: Menu items were incorrectly enabled/disabled when using NT Authentication.
Version: 5.05.320 Release Date: January 5, 2006
  • Fixed: Activation issue where the program would say the license was activated but still act as though it was in trial mode.
Version: 5.05.319 Release Date: January 3, 2006
  • Fixed: Support for the PBSZ command before a user has logged in.
Version: 5.05.318 Release Date: December 22, 2005
  • Improved: Better support for passing parameters to a launched file/script. All parameters are automatically wrapped in quotes to prevent spaces from being incorrectly recognized by the command line parser.
  • Fixed: Launching a file/script action now works for files where the directory structure includes a space.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where the NLST command would not correctly parse flags such as "-r", which led to incorrect results when issuing the "ls -r" command via the command line ftp client.
Version: 5.05.317 Release Date: December 20, 2005
  • Improved: NT authentication performance with large number of users and groups.
  • Fixed: Some menu items were improperly enabled or disabled when using NT authentication.
Version: 5.05.316 Release Date: December 19, 2005
  • Added: NT Performance flag. If enabled, NT authentication will run faster, but will only load users via their groups. Any servers with stand-alone users should keep this option disabled.
  • Added: NT Cache Life variable, which determines how often a NT authentication server updates user/group information.
  • Changed: NT Authentication now preloads the group/user cache when the service starts. This may result in the Administrator application being unable to connect to the domain until the caching finishes.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with EmFTP client.
  • Fixed: Prevented password from being displayed in the server log when using W3C format.
Version: 5.04.315 Release Date: December 5, 2005
  • Fixed: Renaming a group will now correctly update the group name on the "Groups" tab.
  • Fixed: New Server Wizard now correctly displays the type of user authentication.
Version: 5.04.314 Release Date: November 29, 2005
  • Fixed: Browse for files/directories wasn't expanding disk drives under Windows 2000.
Version: 5.04.313 Release Date: November 28, 2005
  • Fixed: "File Upload" events were not being fired when using SFTP.
Version: 5.04.312 Release Date: November 23, 2005
  • Fixed: Support for browsing the directory structure on a computer that has renamed "My Computer".
  • Fixed: Administrator UI no longer shows Remote Administration tab if the server license is Personal or Professional (Remote Administration is only available in Enterprise).
Version: 5.04.311 Release Date: November 17, 2005
  • Added: "Username” field to the statistics tracking database table. All new statistics entries will be stored in the srtTitanStats2 table.
  • Improved: Support for the %USERDIR% variable with Virtual Folders.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented the MLST command from correctly processing a Virtual Folder which maps to the root of a drive.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented logged in users from accessing Virtual Folders set at the server level.
  • Fixed: Bug in license system which prevented users outside their upgrade period from installing versions of Titan that were released during their upgrade period.
  • Fixed: Bug which disabled the OK button in the “Launch file/script” action dialog unless at least one parameter was specified.
  • Fixed: Bug which caused the MLST response to attempt to return on the data channel instead of the control channel when AUTH SSL was enabled.
  • Changed: Disabled automatically calculating the disk quota usage when viewing the “Quotas” tab. If the home directory of the server/group/user has a lot of subdirectories and files, this was causing the tab to take a long time in loading.
Version: 5.03.310 Release Date: November 7, 2005
  • Improved: User interface for the Event Handler "Run file/script" action.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented filenames with a space from being correctly passed as parameters for the Event Handler "Run file/script" action. Make sure to put double quotes around any parameter which may include a space to accommodate the command line parser.
Version: 5.03.309 Release Date: October 26, 2005
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented Statistics Tracking from writing to the database.
Version: 5.03.308 Release Date: October 24, 2005
  • Added: New "IP/Ports in Use" tab under Domain Activity which shows all ports in use.
Version: 5.02.307 Release Date: October 17, 2005
  • Fixed: Improved support for setting the user home directory from the New User Wizard.
Version: 5.01.306 Release Date: October 12, 2005
  • Fixed: License Issue which prevented some customers from upgrading to Titan v5.
  • Fixed: Remote Administration no longer requires a valid license. This makes it possible to install Titan Remote Administration on as many machines as you wish. Only the machine that has the full Titan installation will require a valid license.
  • Fixed: Action-Email "is HTML" flag now displays correctly on edit.
  • Fixed: Test Fire button on Event Handler Wizard will now fire the specified actions.
Version: 5.00.303 Release Date: October 4, 2005
  • Added: Event Handling system which can be used to respond dynamically to events such as user connections and file uploads by triggering actions such as sending emails and writing to a custom logfile.
  • Added: Support for SFTP v5 and v6. The new versions of the protocol provide more efficient file access and refined error handling.
  • Added: Ability to configure Connection and File/Directory settings at the Server, Group, and User level. Inheritance of these settings can provide a quick and error-free method of managing large quantities of users.
  • Added: Improved logging capabilities, including word wrap and log entry customization.
  • Added: Ability to configure home directories at the Group level.
  • Added: Support for NT impersonation
  • Added: Ability to directly disable FTP access via the new Server FTP tab.
  • Improved: Better diagnosis and handling of port conflicts.
  • Updated: New User Interface layout.
Version: 4.31.272 Release Date: September 12, 2005
  • Improved: Performance of the Admin UI when loading and displaying large user lists.
  • Fixed: Bug that sometimes caused SFTP connections without a Hostkey to be accepted even if Hostkeys were required.
  • Fixed: Licensing issue that prevented Admin-only installations from operating without a registration code. Now Admin-only installations can be used for Remote Administration.
  • Added: Support for the SFTP FSTAT command.
Version: 4.30.269 Release Date: August 16, 2005
  • Fixed: Issue with MLST command with a FTPS connection.
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented trial version from running on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 with the latest security patches.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented files starting with "." from being displayed via LIST/MLST.
Version: 4.23.266 Release Date: July 29, 2005
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented SFTP access when a user was not logged in to the machine.
Version: 4.22.265 Release Date: July 20, 2005
  • Fixed: Bug which caused filesystem permissions to be applied incorrectly in Virtual Folders.
Version: 4.21.264 Release Date: July 19, 2005
  • Fixed: Bug which caused the UNC Username and UNC Password to be swapped in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented UNC folder from being selected in the "Browse for Folder" dialog.
Version: 4.20.263 Release Date: July 12, 2005
  • Changed: Updated NT Authentication support to correctly load users that are not a member of any groups.
  • Fixed: MSLT bug that prevented the directory contents from being listed when no parameters were specified.
Version: 4.14.261 Release Date: June 21, 2005
  • Changed: Removed support for SSL v2.0 due to inherent security issues.
  • Added: Improved support for MSLT/MSLD commands.
Version: 4.13.260 Release Date: June 13, 2005
  • Fixed: SFTP bug which failed to check for banned file types on upload.
Version: 4.11.257 Release Date: June 2, 2005
  • Fixed: COM interface now uses correct delimiters when setting values in certain functions (such as GRP_GetMembers and USR_GetMembership).
  • Fixed: Bug which failed to correctly set the user-group relationship via the COM interface.
Version: 4.10.256 Release Date: May 31, 2005
  • Added: W3C Log Format now writes csi-uri-stem and sc-status variables.
  • Changed: Upgraded support for Windows NT Authentication to support large Active Directory Domains.
  • Fixed: Date/time UTC bug in MLST code.
Version: 4.05.252 Release Date: May 4, 2005
  • Fixed: SFTP Open bug that failed to correctly set the CreateFlags under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: SFTP memory leak bug when using various combinations of encryption algorithms and MACs.
  • Fixed: SFTP date/time issues dealing with DST.
  • Fixed: the Log Manager was not flushing the final few log entries to disk prior to shutting down the server.
  • Changed: Upgraded installer/setup program to a new revision.
Version: 4.03.249 Release Date: April 14, 2005
  • Fixed: STATS bug which failed to correctly add the filename to the stats database during an SFTP transfer.
  • Fixed: SFTP disconnect bug which was not closing the socket correctly.
  • Fixed: STATS bug that failed to add disconnect, dir list , connect and logout stats records during SFTP connections.
  • Fixed: REN bug that allowed the renaming of a file to a banned file type.
Version: 4.02.248 Release Date: April 7, 2005
  • Fixed: STOU bug that caused the file name to be incorrectly generated.
  • Fixed: Admin bug which was overwriting the users Max Connect Message with the Max Connects per IP Message
  • Fixed: SFTP bug where multiple simultaneous opens would cause a write to fail on occasion.
  • Fixed: SFTP bug where upload and download stats were not being logged correctly.
  • Fixed: SFTP bug which prevented a rename on a file to change the file case.
Version: 4.01.246 Release Date: March 29, 2005
  • Fixed: SFTP shell access issue where user was dumped into an incorrect home folder.
Version: 4.00.245 Release Date: March 22, 2005
  • Added: MODE Z Support.
  • Added: CCC (Clear Command Channel) support.
  • Added: Verbose Logging feature to the server to dump detailed log information.
  • Added: MDTM command now accepts [+-] timezone minutes.
  • Added: External SSL certificate support.
  • Added: External SFTP/SSH host key support.
  • Added: Client SSL certificate support
  • Added: Client SFTP/SSH host key support.
  • Added: Ability to set the Remote Administration to listen on Any IP Address
  • Added: Servers and Log Managers now restart themselves dynamically whenever changes have been made.
  • Changed: If a user connects to the server, but does not log in, and attempts to issue a command that requires authentication (such as STOR, or DELE), their connection is now terminated.
  • Fixed: SFTP Bind problem when working with multiple servers on multiple IP's
  • Fixed: APPEnd was failing if the file did not exist.
  • Fixed: Bug that allowed a non-authenticated connection to hang around forever. non-authenticated connections (ie, users who connect to the server but do not issue a USER command) are forcefully kicked after 1 minute.
  • Fixed: Bug in MaxConnections where non-authenticated connections were being included in the count. Max Concurrent Connections now only applies to connections that have been authenticated
  • Fixed: Potentiential vulnerability dealing with the use of reserved DOS words in the filename.
  • Fixed: UTF decoding bug with SFTP v4 clients.
  • Fixed: Various Virtual Folder bugs under SFTP.
  • Fixed: Bug in the TrayApp where it could not talk to the Titan service if being run under Terminal Services.
  • Fixed: Long outstanding cosmetic bug in the PWD/CWD functions if executed by the LocalAdmin or RemoteAdmin
  • Fixed: Various time zone bugs and MDTM bugs
  • Fixed: Bug in NT User Authentication where the group membership for a user was not being honored.
Version: 3.30.186 Release Date: September 9, 2004
  • Add: Support for CLNT command.
  • Fixed: Boundary/buffer overflow vulnerability as reported by SecurityFocus.com #11069 and Secunia.com #SA12419. The log manager buffer could potentially overflow causing the server to stop accepting requests.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder Wizard bug which prevented the browsing of the PC on certain systems. You can now manually enter the folder name.
  • Changed: The MDTM feature is now defaulting to enabled at the server level.
Version: 3.22.178 Release Date: August 18, 2004
  • Fixed: Entry Point Not Found for CheckTokenMembership error under Windows NT v4
  • Fixed: SFTP disconnect bug which could hang a client application during a disconnect if Titan Timeouts were not enabled
  • Fixed: Bug in SFTP v3 GetAttrs() where it was not fetching the extended attributes, access time, or modified time correctly under certain circumstances
Version: 3.21.177 Release Date: August 9, 2004
  • Fixed: Changes to group settings are now automatically/dynamically loaded while the user is still logged in.
  • Fixed: Password verification bug in the New User Wizard.
  • Fixed: Potential memoy leak if the IP address was banned.
  • Fixed: Potential bug in Check For Program Update which could prevent the update from downloading.
  • Fixed: SFTP bug which was not properly recognizing disabled user accounts.
  • Fixed: Various potential issues relating to possible deadlock in the Activity/Logging Manager when running under Windows Terminal Services.
  • Fixed: Bug which could potentially cause the server to go offline if multiple connections from a banned IP address were encountered.
  • Changed: On the New Server Wizard, the Default IP address is now Any IP Address instead of the current IP Address of the PC. This was done to better accommodate DHCP.
  • Changed: Handling of invalid SFTP authentication. Now Titan will immediately and forcefully terminate any connections from non-authenticated clients. This includes disabled accounts, banned IP addresses and invalid username/password.
Version: 3.20.175 Release Date: July 8, 2004
  • Added: New Titan Icons and Bitmaps.
  • Added: SFTP Version selection feature to choose between SFTP v3 and SFTP v4.
  • Fixed: Updated PROT/PBSZ to allow them to be issued prior to USER/PASS.
  • Fixed: SFTP bugs when used with Putty and WinSCP.
  • Fixed: SFTP ATTRs bug when communicating with a v3 client.
  • Fixed: SFTP FSTAT bug that prevented the creation/renaming of folders.
  • Fixed: Setup program now prompts user for the destination/installation directory.
  • Updated: integrated new security library version.
Version: 3.12.172 Release Date: June 22, 2004
  • Added: Check to see if an IP address is banned immediately upon receiving the incoming connection. This streamlines and minimizes the amount of traffic sent over to the banned client.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Require All Connections To Be Secure feature where users could not connect if this flag was set but SFTP/FTPS was disabled.
  • Fixed: SFTP bug that was returning bad Attributes to v3 SFTP clients.
  • Fixed: SFTP permissions bug where the directory bit was not being set correctly on directories for v3 clients.
  • Fixed: SFTP RealPath parsing bug that caused problems with putty and winscp.
  • Fixed: Setup bug that was causing vSetup.exe to be included in the retail installer.
  • Fixed: SFTP SETATTRS bug with the setting of file access/modification times. This could cause the SETSTATS to fail.
  • Fixed: XCRC bug.
  • Fixed: Added the program version number to the setup program so that it displays on the screen during install.
Version: 3.10.169 Release Date: April 28, 2004
  • Added: New Installer/Uninstaller program.
  • Added: 2048, 4096 and Custom public key lengths for the server certificate
  • Added: ValidFrom date field in the Certificate Wizard.
  • Fixed: The Certificate wizard was truncating certificate information that contained spaces in the names.
  • Fixed: Bug in Certificate Wizard that was caused invalid expiration dates on the certificates.
  • Fixed: Bug in ChooseRemoteDir that would not enable the New Folder button during remote administration.
  • Fixed: Bug in Certificate Wizard that was incorrectly creating certificates as CA certificates instead of standard certificates.
  • Fixed: Various memory bugs in the User Paramsters subsystems.
  • Fixed: SFTP Handshaking issue with multiple concurrent connections.
  • Fixed: SFTP Downloading bug that would occasionally drop the connection.
  • Fixed: Bug where failed directory listings could hang the server.
Version: 3.02.165 Release Date: March 22, 2004
  • Added: %USTOTCXN% custom message variable used to display total connections for this user.
  • Fixed: The QUIT command was not closing the connection.
  • Fixed: On the New User Wizard, Step 1, the password was not being validated correctly. This could result in the users password not working.
  • Fixed: The COM interface was not permitting USR_SetAttr() on the password.
  • Fixed: Data sockets did not have a timeout set when in Active Mode, therefore the connect() could hang.
  • Fixed: Tray App bug that would hang the TrayApp/Administrator program if you used it to stop the Titan service.
  • Fixed: SFTP bug that prevented SFTP connections unless SSL was enabled.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folders were not appearing during SFTP connections.
Version: 3.01.163 Release Date: March 1, 2004
  • Added: %SSTOTCXN% and %SSTOTUSRS% custom message variables to display total active connections and total distinct user connections.
  • Fixed: Timeout issue with uploads failing then keeping the file locked.
  • Fixed: When deleting a group or a user, the group/user membership was not always being updated correctly to reflect the removal.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Group Membership gui screen where users may not be removed from groups correctly if their UID was greater than 9
  • Fixed: The FEAT command incorrectly returned AUTH PROT and AUTH PBSZ as viable features. It now correctly returns PROT and PBSZ.
  • Fixed: FEAT was returning AUTH SSL & AUTH TLS even if Explicit SSL was disabled.
  • Fixed: SSL bug which prevented Implicit SSL data connections from working correctly if Explicit SSL was not also enabled.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Tray App that would cause a Logon dialog box to be displayed when launching Titan for the first time after installation.
Version: 3.00.162 Release Date: February 17, 2004
  • Added: SFTP Support.
  • Added: Notes field for each User.
  • Added: Backup/Restore feature for server configurations.
  • Added: Support for -A list flag. This flag will force the display of All files.
  • Added: The Tray icon will now turn green when there are users accessing the server. The icon will be blue when no users are connected and grey when the Titan service is not running.
  • Added: Support for -T list argument. When used with -l, returns the full month, day, year, hour, minute, and second for the file date and time.
  • Added: A Require Secure Connection feature that forces users to connect securely. Non-secure connections will be kicked off the server.
  • Added: A Allow user to connect using SSL and Allow user to connect using SFTP feature for controlling who can securely access the server at a user level.
  • Added: An option on the New User Wizard that allows for the automatic creation of the users home directory. If this option is not checked, the users home directory is not created until after they log in for the first time.
  • Fixed: Remote Admin login problem with OTP passwords.
  • Fixed: Admin Gui bug, the User Quota dialog had "Enable Quotas for this Server" instead of User.
  • Fixed: User Disk Quota bug where you could upload a file that exceeded your quota. Now if you exceed your quota during an upload, the upload is terminated and the file will be auotmatically deleted.
  • Fixed: EPSV was returning the port number in an incorrect byte ordering.
  • Dropped: Support for Windows 9x platforms. Titan now requires Windows NT v4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003.
Version: 2.40.155 Release Date: January 5, 2004
  • Added: New setup/installer program.
  • Fixed: srxCFG was not properly encoding the users password when adding a new user to the system.
  • Fixed: Various bugs in the SSL subsystems which would occasionally prevent connections through firewalls.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Virtual Folder Wizard where the <Next> button would fail to enable under certain circumstances.
Version: 2.31.152 Release Date: November 26, 2003
  • Fixed: MLSD was not displaying Virtual Folders. (Build 152)
Version: 2.30.151 Release Date: October 28, 2003
  • Added: COM Interface for scripting.
  • Added: srxCFG command line configuration utility
  • Changed: Replaced all OpenSSL code with CryptLib.
  • Changed: Removed the Check For Program Update feature from the Demo version.
  • Fixed: Bug in the 'Disable account after X bad password attempts' feature. The feature was always enabled and would occasionally disable accounts by accident.
  • Fixed: New Group/Delete Group was enabled for NT Authentication servers.
  • Fixed: You can now set a Server Quota/User Quota of 0 KB which will prevent uploads.
  • Fixed: Quota Free-File-Lists are now checked during uploads/appends/combines.
  • Fixed: Cosmetic bug with the '...' choose dir dialog. It was displaying incorrect text for domains.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder Wizard 'Help' button will now launch the help file.
  • Fixed: Admin GUI bug which incorrectly displayed the folder icons in the VFolder wizard during remote admin.
  • Fixed: Added a remote directory browser dialog so that the ... buttons now work during remote admin.
  • Fixed: GUI bug which displayed %OEM names under Windows NT 4
Version: 2.21.142 Release Date: August 12, 2003
  • Fixed: RNFR/RNTO now works if the source and destination are the same.
  • Fixed: NT User Authentication administration bug which was not correctly indicating when Titan did not have adequate security policy permissions to access the NT User database.
  • Fixed: Server Import Wizard bug which was failing to import User and Group information into Titan.
  • Fixed: Added ability to delete the User Welcome Message by using a blank space ' ' as the message.
Version: 2.20.140 Release Date: July 10, 2003
  • Added: Support for huge file sizes > 4gb in size.
  • Added: Support for the -P and -C subfixes on the AUTH SSL and AUTH TLS commands.
  • Added: Support for the SITE ZONE command.
  • Added: Support for the SITE WHO command.
  • Added: Support for the SITE HELP command.
  • Added: Support for EPRT and EPSV commands (RFC-2428).
  • Added: Support for SSCN (Secure FXP) command.
  • Added: Support for CPSV (Secure FXP) command.
  • Added: AUTH SSL, AUTH TLS, PROT, PBSZ, SSCN and CPSV have been added to the FEAT response if SSL is enabled for the server.
  • Added: Site Import Wizard used to import FTP Server configuration information from other products.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Welcome message which would print a %OEM variable instead of the product name.
  • Fixed: SMC Barricade router bug by implementing the P@SW command which directly maps to the PASV command. Server must have PASV support enabled to allow P@SW to work.
  • Fixed: Bug in Implicit/990 SSL which would occasionally cause the handshake to fail and prevent the user from logging in to the system.
  • Fixed: Admin bug which would enable the Remote Admin menu item for the Personal Edition of Titan. This feature is only available in the Professional Edition.
  • Fixed: USER bug which was not authenticating users with no passwords. The user could log in to the server, but did not have any rights.
  • Fixed: Bug in the display of a mult-line Welcome Message.
  • Fixed: SITE now returns 502 for subcommands that are not implemented.
  • Fixed: STAT now returns 211- only on the first line of the response. subsequent lines are prefixed with a space. The last line contains the standard 211 reponse.
  • Fixed: Bug in the WebUpdate Wizard which displayed incorrect version information about the currently installed version of Titan.
Version: 2.11.132 Release Date: June 9, 2003
  • Added: %SSSTARTTIME% server statistics variable. Used to display the start time of the server (in GMT).
  • Added: %SSRUNTIME% server statististics variable. Used to display the elapsed time (Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds) that the server has been running.
  • Fixed: AUTH SSL command being rejected.
  • Fixed: Remote Admin port can now be set higher than 32767.
  • Fixed: the Log To Screen and Log To File Logging Options were not being honored under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: VFolder case-sensitivity bug when mapping the root of a drive as a virtual folder.
  • Fixed: New Server Wizard bug which would occasionally fail to create a new FTP Server configuration if NT Authentication was chosen.
  • Fixed: The welcome message was sending an extra CRLF between the 230- message and the 230 'You are now logged on' message.
  • Fixed: Bug in SSL connections where connections would be occasionally dropped after a LIST command.
  • Fixed: Hanging issue when using SSL over an extended period of time
  • Fixed: Hanging issue when rotating logfiles after an extended period of time under heavy use.
Version: 2.10.121 Release Date: May 9, 2003
  • Fixed: OOB Data processing bug.
  • Fixed: Wierd directory listing bug where some FTP clients would drop the first letter of directory/file entries if they were more than a year old.
  • Fixed: VFolders bug that prevented a VFolder from being accessed if the users home directory was the root '/'.
  • Fixed: Admin GUI bug that prevented the entry of wildcard IP Access rules.
  • Fixed: Admin GUI bug which prevented the browsing of folders when you clicked on the '...' button to change the users home directory.
  • Fixed: Admin GUI bug where the groups/users were not being sorted in the tree.
  • Fixed: FXP bug which prevented the data channel from opening if Titan was running in Active/Port mode.
Version: 2.10.120 Release Date: May 5, 2003
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the SSL subsystem.
  • Fixed: Another bug which would fail to close the connection if an SSL handshake failed during login.
  • Fixed: Bug in the RNFR/RNTO command which failed to check for proper permissions on the RNTO portion of the command set.
Version: 2.10.119 Release Date: April 30, 2003
  • Added: The Server Activity Tab now has a Clear Log Window feature.
  • Added: WebUpdate Wizard. Registered users can now download updates and new releases on the fly.
  • Added: Kick User feature on the Server Activity window.
  • Added: Virtual Folder Wizard that simplifies the process of configuring Virtual Folders.
  • Added: Support for the ML and MLD commands which are shorthand for MLST/MSLD.
  • Changed: Reworked the Virtual Folder feature. Virtual Folders are now prefixed with \%USERDIR%\ which allows all virtual folders to be mapped under the users home directory. If you modify the users home directory, all of the Virtual Folder mappings will still work. NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version and you are using Virtual Folders, please check each user/group virtual folder to ensure that they are set up correctly.
  • Fixed: IP Access bug which would hang the server if you specified a 192.168.*.* wildcard type of IP address.
  • Fixed: The program name was not appearing in the title of various message boxes.
  • Fixed: Directory Access Rights bug which gave Anonymous full rights to the root directory immediately after creating a new server.
  • Fixed: Deadlock issue in the Admin when quickly switching between the Domain, Server, and User nodes in the tree.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the SSL subsystems.
  • Fixed: Implicit Port 990 connection bug that was preventing implicit connections from being established.
  • Fixed: MKD bug which prevented new folders from being created.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder bug when using UNC's.
  • Fixed: Directory listing bug that incorrectly reported filesizes for files > 2gb in size.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder bug that prevented VF's from being accessed if they were mapped to a UNC share.
  • Fixed: Idle connection timeout bug where connections were not being kicked immediately after the timeout expired.
  • Fixed: UL/DL Ratios (per-session) bug that allowed users to download files before uploading.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented the server from opening an outbound data connection in active mode when running behind various routers/firewalls.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented dead connections from being cleaned up correctly.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder bug which would prevent CWD into a virtual folder if it mapped to a UNC share.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the Administrator program due to the failure to release/free the image lists used to display the icons in the tree.
  • Fixed: Bug in the display of the 421 Banned message which was not performing the Client IP %CIP% substitution correctly.
  • Fixed: Remote Admin gui bug which was not honoring the IP address in the drop down listbox if there were multiple NICS in the system.
  • Fixed: SSL bug which would prevent files from being transfered in secure mode.
  • Fixed: SSL was not working in Active/PORT mode. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed: Internal Directory Access/Virtual Folders bug which would occasionally result in duplicate Virtual Folders appearing in a directory listing.
  • Fixed: Internal memory handle bug which could hang a connection during the generation of a directory listing if Virtual Folders were being used.
  • Fixed: MLSD bug which was incorrectly returning the directory information on the control connection instead of returning it on a data connection.
  • Fixed: NT Authentication bug which was causing W2K computers to run slow.
  • Fixed: Win 9x installations are no longer able to select NT Authentication for servers on a 9x box.
  • Fixed: Directory Access Rights bug which allowed the entry of a non-absolute directory such as 'subdir\' instead of '\subdir'\'. The DAR rule for directories such as these would not work and users would be locked out of the folder.
  • Fixed: NT Authentication bug which would prevent Titan from listing all NT Users when there were more than a few hundred user accounts. Titan now supports NT domains consisting of thousands of users.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folders bug at the Server Level. VFolders have been removed from the Server Level since they are not applicable. The same functionality can be achieved by adding a Virtual Folder to the Everyone group.
  • Fixed: CWD bug which could allow users to change to a folder outside of their namespace.
Version: 2.02.99 Release Date: January 09, 2003
  • Added: User and Group information is now sorted alphabetically in the Administrator tree.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder UI bug which was not adding the drive letter to a Virtual Folder defined in the Server or Groups section if the Virtual Folder was mapping to the root directory of a drive.
  • Fixed: Virtual Folder bug which would prevent an FTP client from accessing a Virtual Folder that was mapped to the root directory of a local drive, such as \usr\fred\c\ mapping to C:\, when the drive was a non-bootable NTFS drive.
  • Fixed: W3C Logging issue with the sc-kbytes/cs-kbytes which were incorrectly reporting session statistics instead of file statistics.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Security tab which was not saving the settings correctly.
  • Fixed: SSL bug which prevented WebDrive from connecting on occasion.
Version: 2.01.96 Release Date: December 05, 2002
  • Fixed: Bug in STOR which was not truncating the file if you uploaded a smaller file over a larger file.
  • Fixed: Bug in Active User Stats which impaired the 'Max Connections' for a user to be honored.
  • Changed: The response to a PORT command is now "200 PORT command successful." instead of "200 Command OK."
  • Changed: Added some additional logging messages during the negotiation of a data connection.
Version: 2.00.95 Release Date: December 05, 2002
  • Added: cs-username, cs-kbytes, sc-kbytes fields to the W3 logging format. This information displays the username, Kbytes uploaded and Kbytes downloaded per session.
  • Added: When using NT Authentication, you can now modify the users home directory.
  • Added: Show Hidden Files feature. You can now enable/disable the ability to have hidden files listed in a LIST command. This can be configured at both the Server and User level.
  • Added: Ability to save/recall host information in the Connect Dialog when performing Remote Administration
  • Added: Six Word support for S/Key passwords. This also corrects a bug whereas the server would not accept S/Key passwords supplied in Six Word format.
  • Added: Ability to permit/deny non-SSL access to a server that is configured for SSL access.
  • Added: Virtual Folder support at the Group level.
  • Added: Email Address field for User accounts (for future use).
  • Added: Tray Applet which illustrates the current state of the Server deamon.
  • Added: Router/Dnyamic DSN feature for server installations that are installed behind a firewall/CableModem/DSL Router.
  • Added: NT/LDAP User Authentication support.
  • Added: Better NT/SAM User Authentication support.
  • Added: Tip of the Day.
  • Added: Contact Information to the Help system.
  • Added: More verbose logging messages to track server activity.
  • Added: Virtual Folder support at the User level.
  • Added: Server configuration option for UTF-8 Support.
  • Added: Virtual Folder support at the Server level.
  • Added: STAT support.
  • Added: COMB support.
  • Added: ABOR support.
  • Added: APPE support.
  • Added: OPTS UTF8 support.
  • Added: HELP command support.
  • Added: A ton of new message variables. Check the Help File for a complete list and the STAT command for a sample.
  • Added: Ability to view the logfile under the Server Activity Tab.
  • Added: Active users will be kicked if their User Account is deleted while they are connected.
  • Added: 'Help' toolbar button.
  • Added: XCRC <SP> <EP> support.
  • Added: MLST/MLSD support.
  • Added: FEAT support.
  • Added: SIZE support.
  • Added: %DOMAINNAME% custom message variable to display the name of the domain on which the server resides.
  • Added: %SERVERNAME% custom message variable to display the name of the server.
  • Added: %SERVERTZ% custom message variable to display the server time zone setting.
  • Added: Support for the XCRC command.
  • Added: Support for NT authentication using a remote NT server/domain.
  • Added: Custom Server/User messages for "Max Uploads Per Session" and "Max Downloads Per Session".
  • Added: Support for running the Administrator under Windows Terminal Services.
  • Added: Custom "FXP Blocked" message.
  • Added: Titan FTP Server desktop icon.
  • Added: A mandatory 'Reboot' dialog has been added to the installer.
  • Added: Better error handling in the communication system between the Administrator and the Server Daemon.
Version: 2.0.44 (Beta) Release Date: April 26, 2002
  • Added: SSL Support.
  • Added: Custom 'User Account Disabled' message.
  • Added: Custom 'Max Upload File Size' message.
  • Added: Custom 'Max Download File Size' message.
  • Added: Custom 'SSL Not Enabled' message.
  • Added: Custom 'SSL Banner' message.
  • Fixed: MaxUploadSize was not working at the Server level.
  • Fixed: MaxDownloadSize was not working at the Server level.
Version: 1.11.34 Release Date: May 21, 2002
  • Fixed: Display problem with the version information in the About Dialog.
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented the Domain Wizard from launching after installation.
  • Fixed: Permissions bug with Anonymous access.
Version: 1.1.33 Release Date: May 14, 2002
  • Added: Support for the SIZE command
  • Fixed: Bug which prevented a server from having the data directory as the root, i.e., D:\
  • Fixed: Permissions bug when path was specified in the RETR command.
Version: 1.0.31 Release Date: April 24, 2002
  • Fixed: Bug which crashed the Administrator program if you tried to close it while the Server - Disk Quotas tab was displayed.
  • Fixed: Users were not getting the correct default permissions when using NT Authentication.
  • Fixed: The users home directory was not being created when the user logged in to the system.
  • Fixed: Bug when using NT Authentication which would cause PASS to return 530 for all NT users.
  • Fixed: Various bugs which were causing sparatic 550 No Access errors when the user was configured as 'Lock User In Home Directory'.
  • Fixed: Extended the 'Password Type' control in the UI; it was getting truncated on various monitors.
  • Fixed: Bug in the logfile which could cause sensitive information to be displayed.
Version: 1.0.30 Release Date: April 09, 2002
  • Added: New tree icons.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented some of the string resources from loading correctly under Win 9x.
  • Fixed: Right-click context menu bug in the Administrator that was crashing for Groups.
  • Fixed: Toolbar 'groups' buttons now work.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Administrator that would prevent the Server icon from being displayed green when the server was online. This usually happened immediately after you created a new server.
Version: 1.0.29 Release Date: April 3, 2002
  • Added: Support for NT User Authentication.
Version: 1.0.28 Release Date: March 29, 2002
  • Added: Firewall Support for Remote Administration. Useful for times when you are behind a firewall and want to administer a remote Titan server.
  • Added: 'Disable user account after X bad password attempts' feature at both the server and user levels.
  • Added: User Account Expiration Date feature; with custom message.
  • Added: Support for LIST flags -a, -h and -F. -a lists all files, even those that begin with a period; -h lists hidden files, and -F categorizes folders with '/', exe's with '*', and links with a '@'.
  • Added: OTP/MD5 support for Local/Remote administration logons.
  • Fixed: Restart bug where marker was not getting reset back to zero when STOR/RETR/STOU did not immediately follow REST.
  • Fixed: Disconnect Domain bug. You can now disconnect from a remote domain and the node is removed from the tree.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Titan Service that would cause it to crash under NT when you tried to shut it down with users still connected.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Control Panel Applet. It was not always reflecting the status correctly under NT/2K/XP.
  • Fixed: Permissions bug which prevented USER level override of a permission set at the GROUP level.
  • Removed: Requirement that the Domain Wizard be run after every upgrade/install.
Version: 1.0.27 Release Date: March 20, 2002
  • Added: Support for XMKD, XRMD, XPWD, XCUP, XCWD.
  • Added: Check For Update menu command that lets you know if there is a newer version.
  • Added: Online Support options. The FAQ has been started and the KBase should be evolving soon. If you have suggestions for FAQ's or Knowledge Base topics, please let us know! .
  • Fixed: Bug in MDTM command.
  • Fixed: Bug in RNFR/RNTO under Windows 2000/FAT32.
  • Fixed: New Server Wizard bug under Windows NT/2K/XP claiming that "Could Not Start Service".
  • Fixed: Everyone Group was not getting default permissions when a server was being created.
  • Fixed: Activity Log bug. Activity Session Log was not displaying under all circumstances.
  • Fixed: Bug which would cause the Admin to re-prompt for Local Domain Login information during shutdown if the FTP Service was not running.
Version: 1.0.26 Release Date: March 18, 2002
  • Added: Groups & Group Membership
  • Added: Directory Access Permissions
Version: 1.0.25 Release Date: March 08, 2002
  • Added: Log Rotation functionality.
  • Added: Support for W3C logfile format.
  • Added: Activity logging at the Server level. You can view User activity and the Session Log.
  • Added: UL/DL Ratios at the User level.
  • Added: Custom messages at the User level.
  • Added: IP Access at the User Level.
  • Added: Ability to select multiple users in Users view for Deletion.
  • Added: Disk Quotas at the user level
Version: 1.0.24 Release Date: February 25, 2002
  • Fixed: 64 async sockets bug per thread under 9x.
  • Fixed: Bug in the user authentication which was causing it to be slllllooooowwww.
  • Added: Server UL/DL Ratios feature; w/ Free Files List support.
Version: 1.0.23 Release Date: February 19, 2002
  • Fixed: Bug in the directory listing. It was not displaying file times.
  • Added: Server Time Zone Feature. You can now alter the file date/time display according to different time zones.
  • Added: Server Disk Quotas (with Free Files list). You can now set disk quotas at the server level and include a list of 'free files' which do not count against server disk usage.
  • Added: Support for the SITE MDTM command.
Version: 1.0.22 Release Date: February 18, 2002
  • Added: Max Connections Per IP at the Server Level.
  • Added: Max Upload Speed KPS at the Server Level.
  • Added: Max Download Speed KPS at the Server Level.
  • Added: Max Upload File Size at the Server Level.
  • Added: Max Download File Size at the Server Level.
  • Added: Enable/Disable 'PASV mode' support.
  • Added: PASV Mode Port Range feature.
  • Added: Case Conversion (Preserve Case, Force Lower, Force Upper) feature for folders.
  • Added: Case Conversion (Preserve Case, Force Lower, Force Upper) feature for files.
  • Added: IP Access configuration. You can permit/deny access by IP address.
  • Added: Ability to disconnect users after X number of invalid commands.
  • Added: Ability to disable users accounts after they are kicked off for X number of invalid commands.
  • Added: Ability to ban an IP address after the user has been kicked off for X number of invalid commands.
  • Updated: The Custom Messages configuration screen. Added mucho custom message texts.
Version: 1.0.21 Release Date: February 15, 2002
  • Fixe#FFFFFFd: Bug in the registration of the daemon service when installing over previous builds on Windows NT'ish platforms.
Version: 1.0.20 Release Date: February 14, 2002
  • Added: Basic statistics reporting in the Administrator.
  • Fixed: Bugs in logfile generation (logfile was being generated in the wrong directory).
Version: 1.0.19 Release Date: February 13, 2002
  • Added: Ability to refresh <f5> the Tree in the admin program.
  • Fixed: Bug where remote administration was using local IP addresses in the dialogs.
  • Fixed: FTP Daemon Service was not getting registered correctly during installation.
  • Fixed: FTP Daemon Service was not being unregistered during uninstall.
  • Fixed: Bug in the FTP Daemon Service that would cause it to hang under Windows NT/2K/XP.
Version: 1.0.18 Release Date: February 11, 2002
  • Added: A Domain Configuration Wizard that runs when you first install the software
  • Fixed: Bugs in the TreeView when no servers are configured.
  • Fixed: Password issues with the Administrator.
Version: 1.0.17 Release Date: February 8, 2002
  • First build with a setup program.
  • Basic functionality support. Add/Configure/Remove Servers. Add/Configure/Remove Users.
  • Local & Remote Administration support
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